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Gen6 Side Rockers

Gen6 Side Rockers


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The ACS Gen6 Side Rockers

Elevate the aerodynamics of your 6th Generation Camaro with the ACS Gen6 Side Rockers, designed to protect the side bodywork from rock chipping. Not only do they bolster the appearance, but they also seamlessly integrate with our entire Gen6 splitter lineup. Crafted using ACS's exclusive and OEM-validated RTM composite process, these rockers guarantee precision and longevity.


The rocker panel serves as a protective shield for the side bodywork from the damage caused by sticky front performance tires. These tires, while enhancing handling, also pose a threat to your car's paint finish due to rock chipping and other road debris. The ACS Gen6 Side Rocker emerges as an ideal solution.


  • Augments aerodynamic efficiency, diminishing air resistance at higher speeds.
  • Maintains the original ride height of the vehicle.
  • Offers robust protection against rock chipping and road debris.
  • Expands the under-carriage surface, ensuring the body colored rocker of your car remains shielded.
  • Rocker underside is coated with a bed liner-type material, ensuring a clean and long-lasting undercarriage.
  • Hassle-free installation over the existing rocker panel within 30 minutes per side.

Package Contents:

  • Rocker Panel - Driver side
  • Rocker Panel - Passenger side
  • 18 Aluminium Black Split Rivets
  • Installation Instructions

Available Finishes:

  • Black Primer with undercoating paint on the inner surface
  • Gloss Black with undercoating paint on the inner surface


RTM Composite

A compression molding technique involving high pressure and heat to create a solid, smooth fiberglass panel. Stronger than hand layup.

Install video

Sorry, no install video is available. Check back later.

Surface finish

The following surface finishes are available on the Gen6 Side Rockers:


A paint swatch of primer

Gloss Black

A swatch of Gloss Black
RPO: GBA | Paint code: WA8555
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Vehicle fitment

  • Gen6 '16-'18 SS
  • Gen6 '16-'18 LS LT RS I4
  1. Coupe
  2. Convertible/HTC

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  • Made in North America

    Buy with confidence knowing each part was designed, made, and painted within North America.

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