How to Modify A C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2014+ | ACS Buyer's Guide

How to Modify A C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray 2014+ | ACS Buyer's Guide

How to Modify A C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

So, you just picked up your first Corvette and looking to upgrade it! ACS Composite caters to the aftermarket modification of Corvettes from C6 to C8 Corvettes. Here's our guide to all our options we can provide and outfit your vehicle

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Stingray (2014 & up)

If you own a C7 Corvette Stingray, then you are in luck! You have the complete ACS Composite product line at your disposal to modify your Stingray. The combinations are endless, and ACS is here to facilitate the appearance and performance you are wanting to achieve.

Play with our Stingray Configurator to see all the parts on the C7.

Protection Is Key

But, before we look at aesthetics, let's look at how to protect your C7 Corvette. This should be your primary goal before taking your C7 out. If you have driven any amount of distance in your Vette, then you will have likely heard the rattling noise of road debris hitting the side paneling, as well as the underneath of the car.

Due to the massive performance tires, that are unbelievably sticky, debris such as rocks and pebbles are shot up towards the rear of the vehicle. This is damaging to the paint of the car, as well as the undercarriage of the car. Take a look at this Stingray without rockers and splash guards:

stingray stone chips

To fix this issue, we designed splash guards that are 30% larger than those offered by GM. Coupled with a set of our Side Rockers you will not have to worry about rocks damaging the underside and lower paneling of your Stingray. We wrote an extensive blog about our Enhanced Splash Guards, if you would like to learn even more about the product.

Click here to be taken to the ACS Splash Guard Blog Post.

ACS Splash Guard Vs GM Splash Guard

Notice how the ACS Splash Guard covers the front leading edge of the rocker which was previously exposed and chipped due to rocks and road debris.


Since the release of this blog, we came out with a new version of splash guards called the ACS XL Rock Guards. They are even larger than the Enhanced version!

ACS XL Rock Guards on a StingrayACS XL Rock Guards on an Arctic White C7 Corvette Stingray

The beauty of this product is the use of the addition of the clip-in design. We re-tooled the guards so that they install via the same way GM installs their splash guards. Simply snap them into place and start driving!

Click here and learn more about our XL Rock Guards and start protecting your Stingray!

Dressed To Impress

The Z06 Appearance

Changing the appearance of your C7 Stingray and making it look like the C7 Corvette Z06 is extremely popular, and possible using ACS Composite products! Below are a list of the ACS products that you will need to create this version of the Stingray:

The Z06 ACS Composite Options:

  • Zero7 Side RockersMimics the Stage/Aero 2 & 3 Side Skirts offered by GM. The main difference is that the ACS Zero7 has enhanced underpaneling for added protection from road debris that threatens the undercarriage of the Stingray.
  • Stage 3 Rear SpoilerMimics the Stage/Aero 3 wickers offered by GM. The highest available wickers--Provides the greatest down-force. Includes a replacement spoiler and wickers. Will require the rear fascia to be removed for installation. Scroll to the bottom if want to retain the Z51 spoiler and not remove the rear spoiler.
  • Z06 Grill: Available with camera needed for 2015 and up Stingray's. Plug and play installation. Replaces the current Stingray grill for the Z06 version.
  • Z06 Rear Brake Scoop: A component that adds to the lower rocker panel, which mimics the brake scoop found on the z06. Offered in functional (adds to rear brake cooling) or non-functional (purely aesthetics).

This GIF illustrates the before and after of what the ACS products will do for your stock Stingray!

Before and After of ACS Products on a Stock Stingray

These 5 items will give the complete Z06 look that ACS Composite offers for your C7 Stingray


If you would like to learn more about each of the listed products, then check our their respective pages:

Z06 Splitter for C7 Stingray (45-4-037)

Zero7 Side Rockers for C7 Stingray (45-4-015)

Stage 3 Rear Wicker Spoiler for C7 Stingray (45-4-127)

Z06 Front Grill for C7 Stingray Bumper (45-4-135)

Z06 Rear Brake Scoops for C7 Stingray (45-4-123)

The ACS Composite Alternatives

Be bold and stand out from the other C7 Stingrays on the market. Perhaps you are the type of person that doesn't want their Stingray to look like a Z06. Maybe you want a little flare that separates you from the rest of the group. Below are the various components that are unique to ACS Composite. All designed and manufactured in-house, this product line will surely differentiate your Stingray from the next.

The ACS Five1 Series 


Five1 Front Lip Spoiler 45-4-031

The perfect splitter for those faced with steep inclines and driveways that are worried about scrapping their front nose. This splitter is ideal as it does not lower the ride height of the C7 Stingray.

Stingray with ACS Composite Five1 Splitter

Five1 Front Bumper Grill 45-4-017

ACS' solution to the larger holes found in the OEM grille. Larger means greater potential for debris to damage the exposed radiator. With narrower slots the Five1 Grill is an excellent choice for those seeking to further protect their C7, as well as offering a menacing front end. LED lights are a popular upgrade for a hovering front lighting theme.

Stingray with ACS Five1 Front Bumper Grille

Five1 Rear Quarter Intake Port 45-4-011

Our quarter ports are a great way to differentiate yourself from the competition.

**Only available for C7 Coupes**

Offers enhanced 

functional cooling for those with a Z51 Stingray.

Stingray with Five1 Upper Rear Quarter Port


If you would like to learn more about each of the listed products, then check our their respective pages:

Five1 Front Lip Spoiler (45-4-031)

Five1 Front Bumper Grill (45-4-017)

Five1 Upper Rear Quarter Intake Port (45-4-011)

Utterly Unique

Below are two of our favorite products that truly adds a distinguished and unique look to any C7 Stingray. They are our ACS Zero1 Side Skirts (45-4-001) and our ACS Dual Rear Diffuser Fin System (45-4-096). Let's take a look at both these items below:

ACS Zero1 Side Skirts (45-4-001)

Designed in-house at ACS Composite, and fitted perfectly using GM data, the Zero1s are an elegant option that provides the Stingray with unique, subtle lines that do not overwhelm the existing bold curves of the car.

ACS Dual Fin Rear Diffuser System (45-4-096)

Manufactured in ABS injection, these diffuser fins will augment your C7's rear into a aerodynamical machine! Those driving behind you will think you are piloting a fighter jet.

ACS Composite Zero1 Side Rockers Skirts for C7 Stingray 45-4-001
ACS Composite Rear Diffuser Fin System on C7


Z51 ZF1 Exclusive Items

If you own a Z51 Stingray or have the ZF1 appearance package, you will not be able to install our Stage 3 Wicker system on the Z51 Spoiler. Therefore, you have three (3) options available for your spoiler:

1) Remove the Z51 Spoiler and install our Stage 3 Wicker System (45-4-127)

[See Z06 Section]

2) Five1 Non-Bolt On Wicker Spoiler 45-4-061

ACS Composite Five1 Non-Bolt on Wicker System for C7 Stingray Z51


3) Five1 Bolt-On Wicker Spoiler 45-4-117

ACS Composite Five1 Bolt-On Wicker System for C7 Stingray Z51


What is the difference between the two Five1 spoilers? 45-4-117 (Bolt-on) has bolts on the rear of the wickers while the 45-4-061 (Non-bolt) does not show the bolts.

What is Carbon Flash Black Metallic Paint? Better known as CFZ, carbon flash black is the C7 trim color. Every C7 comes from the factory with the front fascia grill, rear tail lamp bezels and rear diffuser panel painted in CFZ. Most also have the hood insert, fender insert and rear quarter scoops on coupes in carbon flash black. Same trim color is also found on optionally equipped cars with mirror covers and rear spoiler also painted to match. Naturally, this is the preferred Aero finish. 

Carbon Flash Metallic Black trim pieces found on the C7 Stingray

And, with that, we complete part 1 of the ACS Composite Buyer's guide to modding your C7 Stingray! Part 2 of the C7 Stingray guide will focus on our more advanced product modifications such as our carbon fiber hoods, and the widebody conversion kits.  Coming Soon

If you still have questions, then do not hesitate to get in contact with us. You can send us an e-mail using our contact page found here or use our live chat service to speak with one of our product specialists!

Now that you have seen all our products why not check out our Stingray Configurator to see all these parts on your car! 

Play with our Stingray Configurator to see all the parts on the C7.

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