GM Authority [Repost]: ACS Composite Offers New C8 Corvette Z51 Rear Spoiler Wicker Upgrade: Video

GM Authority [Repost]: ACS Composite Offers New C8 Corvette Z51 Rear Spoiler Wicker Upgrade: Video

GM Authority [Repost]: ACS Composite Offers New C8 Corvette Z51 Rear Spoiler Wicker Upgrade: Video

It's not every day we get to brag about being on GM Authoritybut hey, it's not our first time! We are always humbled when we get featured on these news outlets. GM Authority continues to be the forefront for all news General Motors. Author, Jonathan Lopez, tackles our newest product: the ACS Composite 2020+ C8 Corvette Z51 Spoiler Wickers. 

The ACS C8 Z51 Wickers are our first designed products to be released for the C8 midengine Corvette. While developed for the OEM Z51 Spoiler, then Wickers can be added on to any C8 Corvette once the spoiler is installed.

Yes, even if you did not order the Z51 package when you ordered your Chevrolet C8 Covette, you can always add the OEM Z51 Spoiler, and then add the ACS C8 Z51 Wickers. You can check out both products here:



Here are a few reasons to consider the ACS C8 Z51 Wickers:

  1. It is confirmed by GM that the OEM C8 High Wing and OEM C8 Z51 Spoiler product the same amount of down-force (~400lbs). By increasing the surface area of the OEM C8 Z51 Spoiler, using ACS C8 Z51 Wickers, you effectively increase the downforce of the spoiler. You now have more downforce over the OEM C8 High Wing
  2. We paint the C8 Z51 Wickers in a matching Carbon Flash Black finish to all the other black trim pieces found on your midengine Corvette. This will continue the contrasting theme of your car!
  3. ACS Composite products are purpose designed and built specifically and only for the Corvette. There is no universality in our products. You get an aftermarket part that looks, fits and feels OEM.

Here's a preview of the GM Authority article:

C8 Corvette owners have a number of options when it comes to selecting a rear spoiler, with one of the most popular being the wing included with the Z51 Performance Package. Now, ACS Composite is offering an upgrade for the Z51 spoiler in the form of new spoiler wickers, which add a custom look to the rear end, without overhauling the styling you get from the factory. Additionally, ACS Composite claims that the new C8 Wickers also increase rear-end downforce.

The new ACS Composite upgrade includes two components, one for each side of the spoiler. The wickers are made from PC composite plastic and are painted in Carbon Flash Black to match the other exterior components, such as the diffuser and side intake boomerang.

Installation of the new C8 Corvette Wickers is easy, and requires a drill and rivet gun to complete, attaching to the standard Z51 rear spoiler by way of double-sided tape and six rivets. Check out the video below to see how it’s done.

Pricing is set at $449.00, per the ACS Composite website.

ACS Composite doesn’t specify how much the new C8 Corvette rear spoiler wickers increase rear-end downforce, but for reference, Chevrolet says that the stock Z51 spoiler produces over 400 pounds of downforce at speed.

Regardless, the new components definitely enhance the styling of the C8 Corvette, and looks similar to the upgraded wickers offered for the C7-generation Z06 Corvette. Additionally, ACS Composite says the new components do not restrict rear visibility.

You can read the full article here:

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