Z06 Brake Scoop Protective Covers

Z06 Brake Scoop Protective Covers


It's no secret that the C7 Grand Sport Z06, & ZR1 Corvette is a great car -- You definitely get more than what you pay for. It is comparable to cars that are three times its price point, there is a loyal customer base, and it appears that GM is not slowing down when it comes to supporting the Corvette line. But, there, is no such thing as a perfect car. All cars will have their imperfections, their annoyances, and even their catastrophes.

Thankfully, that is where the aftermarket likes to live. At ACS Composite, we are always looking for solutions to these problems, annoyances, and when we can prevent them, catastrophes. Our ultimate goal is to improve your driving experience whether it is through solving these issues or complementing an existing design. 


A major concern with the C7 Grand Sport & Z06 Corvette is its susceptibility to paint chips, and the damage it sustains from  rocks, stones, and other road debris . The culprits are the large performance tires that come with the Z06.  They heat up quickly, and as we know, when rubber heats up it becomes sticky. The result is a tire that will literally pick up anything in its path and inevitably shoot it backwards toward side of the car.

Not only can you visually see this problem, but it becomes evident the moment you step inside the Corvette and accelerate down the road. You hear the clinking and clanking, and rattling of the tiny rocks along with everything else hitting your precious paint work.

The primary targets are the lower brake scoops found just behind the driver and passenger door. The scoop acts like a baseball mitt and catches everything coming its way. In particular, the brake scoop has a carbon flash metallic black painted bezel, which takes the brunt of the damage. Even after a couple thousand miles the damage, and wear is noticeable.

This makes the car look heavily used in pictures, at car meets, and shows. Taking away from the amazing car that the Z06 & Grand Sport is.


z06 scoop chipping

Our team of designers thought of ways that we could rectify this issue.

  • Replacement: The obvious solution would be to remove the current bezel and replace it with another OEM part. This is certainly possible, but it is an expensive task, and long procedure that involves removing the entire side paneling, and installing the new component. This is a 4-5 hour installation time, and runs the risk of damaging other expensive parts in the removal process--Not to mention, the problem will continue to occur.
  • Protective Films: Going the route of a clear film is certainly the cheaper alternative, but they still do not offer complete protection. Often, the films will degrade will time, or holes will develop from the abuse, and eventually expose sections of the bezel leaving it unprotected and vulnerable. Additionally, the stickiness of the films attracts dust and debris, and forms a crusty appearance underneath, which can be an eye-sore on this gorgeous car--Similar to the effects of a sticker overtime, which goes without saying, that the films are vulnerable to peeling.
  • The ACS Solution: We developed a system that addresses the issues with the alternatives. Protection for new Grand Sports and Z06s, and concealment for damaged Grand Sport and Z06's scoops. Essentially, we recreated the bezel in the form of a protective cover that simply slips onto the bezel. Similar to that of a phone, laptop, or tablet case. It is painted in Carbon Flash Metallic black to match the bezel underneath.


    • New Grand Sport and Z06 owners can take comfort knowing that the ACS Composite Brake Scoop Cover is protecting the value of their brake scoop underneath, and that they can REMOVE the cover at a later date when they want to show-off their pristine car in pictures, or at their cars and coffees.
    • Older Grand Sport and Z06 owners can now cover up any damage, markings, and chips on their existing bezels with this cover, which means you can take pictures of your car at any angle, show up to a car meet with a 'new' looking brake scoop, and also take comfort knowing the damage will not worsen over time!

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