Introducing the ACS Camaro Six, 2016 Install Video Series

Introducing the ACS Camaro Six, 2016 Install Video Series

Introducing the ACS Camaro Six, 2016 Install Video Series

The Camaro 6 has been hailed as one of the most important so-called ‘Pony Cars’ in US automotive history and is being enjoyed by Chevrolet devotees nationwide. And yet as anyone familiar with ACS knows, we don’t believe perfection comes easy, so our design and engineering team have been diligent as ever in their search to strive for the highest quality components that achieve synergy in style, performance and design, adding great qualities to each part of the sixth generation Camaro that they touch.

We take great pleasure in creating our videos that showcase just what a staggering difference our OEM-validated parts can make to any car, no matter how beautiful it is in the first instance. With this in mind, we decided to create a series of install videos that walk through just how to fit our parts and how they will look once they are bedded in. Our videos offer a great pre-look at the parts that are to be fitted and the 6th gen Camaro before and after fitting has taken place.

Splitter Install

First up is our install video for the T6 Splitter in carbon flash black with a delectable glossy clear coat. As the video showcases, the tools required for fitting the splitter are minimal – in this case only a 7mm socket and an electric screwdriver plus a-clamps to hold the splitter in place prior to screwing it on. The video also finishes with a look at how the Gen6 Stage 2 Winglets are added to the splitter to finish off the look. We think you’ll agree that with the winglets and splitter in place, the front end of the 6th gen is all the more menacing!

You can see that the job is best completed with a companion for a little assistance and maybe an after-job cold beer to be enjoyed while sitting back and admiring just how great that splitter looks!

Products Installed :
T6 Splitter Pn 48-4-001 for SS
T7 Splitter Pn 48-4-007 for I4, V6
S2 Winglets Pn 48-4-009
T6 Product Link :
T7 Splitter Product link :
Rockers Install

Next up is a video that runs through the installation of our ACS Composite Side Rockers, again on the 6th gen Camaro. As you will see, the rockers used in the video are again top coated in carbon flash black with a stunning glossy clear coat, but the parts are available in a primer finish to be painted.

The video shows the parts and instructions as they come as well as recommending the following tools and accessories:

  • Basic cleaning products
  • Motor drill with a 3/16th inch drill bit
  • Rivet gun

Again some help will be very useful. Some drilling is required but the job is very straightforward. Our video finishes by explaining just how the rockers avoid chipping as well as improving side flow and looking great – a point best displayed by the smooth video footage at the end of the video!

Products Installed 
Gen6 Rockers Pn 48-4-005 will fit SS, V6 and I4
Product Link :

Rear Deck Spoiler Install

The third and final (for now) video in our install video series takes you on a little journey through the simple techniques, tools and accessories needed in order to install the Camaro SS Rear Deck Spoiler on your 6th gen Camaro. Again, the spoiler is designed to the maximum standard possible in RTM composite material and looks fantastic in the carbon flash black with gloss finish. The video explains how the ACS rear deck spoiler handily uses the original Camaro mounting points, which makes for a far simpler install. With the front lid popped, the installer shows you how to remove the deck liner and rubber plugs on either side to expose a set of 10mm nuts, which should be saved and reused to mount our spoiler! The original spoiler is now held by two-way tape only, but how to access it? The video shows how, using some fishing line! A remarkably simple solution to what could be a tricky procedure. Adding new two-way tape can be done without fishing line, you’ll be pleased (or maybe disappointed) to learn! The experience imparted in these videos really is invaluable. As ever, once the original parts are removed it is imperative that the surfaces are properly cleaned prior to fitting the new pieces.



Products Installed :
SS Spoiler Pn 48-4-013
V6 and I4 Spoiler Pn 48-4-015
SS Spoiler  Product Link :
V6, I4 Product link :

And so, with our trilogy of installation videos explained and presented, please do head over to our YouTube channel and subscribe, where you can find them, alongside a whole host of other videos, installation walkthroughs and product showcases. Fitting ACS Composite components is usually straightforward, but of course it is far easier if you can watch someone else do the work and take cues from them. This is the thinking behind the series and we’re sure that these videos will prove invaluable to our valued customers!

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