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Customer Spotlight: Cover of Corvette Magazine April 2019

Customer Spotlight: Charles Washington

It's not every day that you say, "I know that car!" on the cover of Corvette Magazine. It's a high honor, and no small feat to get featured among the many deserving candidates. Charles Washington's 2014 Black Stingray Z51 definitely warrants that honor.

Cover of Corvette Magazine. Photo by Richard Prince

ACS Composite was lucky enough to get our hands and parts on the car and give Mr. Washington the look he was after. That's what we love about our customers and Corvette fans in general. They have a vision and style in mind, and then bring it to us. We then make suggestions on how we can bring that vision to life. 

Washington began planning his modifications even before taking delivery of his new ride. “After researching the typical bolt-ons, I installed color-coordinated Nowicki Autosport Kalahari leather tonneau insets behind the seats and did a few other things,” he says. “Then I…contact[ed] Joseph Taverna at ACS Composites for their rocker [panels] and extractor hood, which gave the car a totally different look and feel.” Next came a new grille sans lights, followed by one with LED lighting. At this point the car was a bona fide head-turner, but Washington felt that something was missing visually.
-Corvette Magazine, April 2019 (Richard Prince). 

ACS Composite Customer in Corvette Magazine - Photo by Richard Prince

The list of ACS Composite parts on Charles' Stingray is long. Charles snagged one of our first Convertible widebodies, and provided the car for our first widebody photo shoot, which can be seen in the banner of this blog! He drove up one afternoon to our facility in Montreal where we installed all the parts on his car: 

In addition to the new body bits, the car also sported a previously installed Five1 composite front grille with LED lights, a Five1 front lip spoiler, Zero7 side rockers, rear fascia diffusers, enhanced front and rear splash guards and rear spoiler wickers. “The wide-body [parts], along with the other changes I’d done previously, converted my car into a low-slung, stealthy, wide beast,” he recalls, “and the five-hour drive home was, at that time, the ride of my life.”
-Corvette Magazine, April 2019 (Richard Prince).

Fun-fact: Charles had the first ever Five1 Front Bumper Grill with that particular LED set up before it even released...5 years later! Even our own Corvettes that we brought to Corvette shows such as Corvettes at Carlisle did not have the mod on the car yet. Here's the grill in question:

Continous LED on the ACS Composite Five1 Front Grill

ACS Composite Widebody in Corvette Magazine - Photo by Richard Prince

It's not the first time our widebodies have garnered some attention. Corvette Online reviewed the need for a Stingray to have bigger tires and cited our widebody as a solution to this problem. Additionally, other ACS Composite customers have also been featured with their widebody such as Mr. Cooper's Crystal Red C7 Stingray.

If you're curious about a widebody for your C7 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, then make sure you check out our 25min YouTube video of us doing the install!

If you're looking to install a widebody on your Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray, then send us an email at or give us a call at 514.828.1000 and one of our Corvette specialists will walk you through all the available options. 

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