Camaro 2016+ Rear Lower Brake Scoop

Camaro 2016+ Rear Lower Brake Scoop

ACS Composite 2016+ Camaro Rear Brake Scoop (48-4-047)

Available for the 2016+ Camaro SS, LT, LS, & RS, the ACS Composite scoops are a cross-over from our Corvette product line. The idea came from consumer demand to make a brake scoop for their Camaro. You can see the Brake Scoop on a C7 Stingray below.

Now, you might be saying, "Great, that looks cool, but is the scoop even functional? Will it add anything other than looks?" And the answer: Of course! We've added the option to direct airflow to your rear wheels for better cooling--Air is funneled into the scoop and towards the brake system!

The brake scoop is compatible with both ACS existing side skirts, as well as Camaros without any side rockers, and is manufactured in RTM Composite (the same material as an ACS Composite side skirt). Color matching is available upon request.

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