C6 Splitters and rockers for both Z06's and Standard C6 Corvettes

C6 Splitters and rockers for both Z06's and Standard C6 Corvettes

ACS Composite's have released a front splitter and side rockers for your Z06, GS, ZR1 and standard C6 Corvettes. Not only will they add great looks to your vehicle but by using the latest in molding technologies ACS Composite's will provide you with a product that will last for years to come. All ACS Composite splitter's and side rocker components are produced using a technology known as RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding). By using this technology they can provide many benefits, these include, excellent dimensional tolerances, great surface finish quality, zero air entrapment, and a very low environmental impact.


What does this mean to you the car owner?

It means that you have a great fitting, looking, strong component that will make your Corvette look exciting, different, and great for many years to come.

So how does the splitter work?

When vehicles reach high speed, air pressure builds up on the front of the bumper, it slowly builds up and flows underneath the vehicle, while this is occurring the low pressure air flows over top of the car. This difference of pressure is what creates lift, just like an airplane wing. While this is good for an airplane it is very bad for a car, this lift causes the car to lighten up and reduce grip and traction to the road. When your vehicle is equipped with a splitter it forces the high pressure air upwards, causing it to travel up and over the entire vehicle. The low pressure air flows below the car and creates a pressure differential that acts opposite of lift, this is called down force. This down force pushes the tires into the road and creates increased traction for the vehicle.

The ACS Composite's splitter not only improves down force but they also incorporate something else that is very beneficial to those expensive brakes on your Chevrolet Corvette. They include functional brake cooling inlets into their splitter, this supplies forced air into the existing ductwork that every standard C6 has, this forced air cools your brakes resulting in cooler running brake rotors.

With all these benefits we saved the best for last. The great looks that these splitter's and rocker covers provide. You can paint these components in any color to provide a matching color to your existing Corvette paint scheme, or paint in a contrasting color to provide a one of a kind look. These components will protect your factory paint from expensive damage, such as stone chips and debris.

So don't hesitate, check out ACS Composite's new line of rocker covers and front splitter's for your 2005-2013 Chevrolet Corvette today, and make sure that heads turn the next time you take your Corvette out for a drive.

C6 NWB Aeropacks                                                Z06 Grand Sport Aeropack 

  Z06 GS Aeropack

Starting at  899$                                                               Starting at 847$

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