ACS Upgraded C7 Stingray on the Cover of Corvette Magazine

ACS Upgraded C7 Stingray on the Cover of Corvette Magazine

Customer’s Car Featured on Font Page of Corvette Magazine!

Everyone, no matter how sure they are of the quality of their work, loves a little recognition sometimes. For us, at ACS, this came in the new issue of Corvette Magazine (March 2017, issue #111), whose front page was adorned by a photograph of a sleek and beautiful C7 Stingray convertible. This particular stunner is owned by one of our customers - Peter Berterello - and we are proud to see his car fully equipped with our high quality components!

The magazine goes on to mention that the car features, “side rocker panels, a front splitter and a subtly altered grille—but the undisputed conversation piece here is the carbon-fiber hood, which features a C7.R-style front heat extractor as well as a see-through Plexiglas “window” a la the C6 ZR1.”

Although positive customer feedback is the most rewarding, a little bit of media recognition is always a pleasant affirmation of our determination to deliver outstanding products and services.

If you visit the webpage that features the article then you will see that there are seven numbered images to click through that showcases just how much love and attention has gone into honing this particular Stingray into the elegant beast that it is today.

Alongside our stellar cosmetic upgrades, the owner also opted to enlist the help of AntiVenom tuning house in Florida to give the car a further performance boost. The car is now capable of “generat[ing] power all the way up to 6,900 rpm—a full 300 revs high than the stock fuel cut-off!” This Stingray is the real deal!

Check out the article to find out just what the car looks like now and what Mr. Berterello has planned for the car in the future. We hope and trust to be kept in the loop and will always be happy to work on a beautiful vehicle like this!

Corvette Magazine Issue111, March 2014

Article Written by Jay Heath

Photos by Kevin Diossi, Visceral Image

Car Owner Peter Berterello


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