ACS Composite Speculating the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette

ACS Composite Speculating the C8 Mid-Engine Corvette

Here’s the ACS Composite C8 Corvette speculation our design team made based on some of the spy shots floating around. No ACS Composite ground effects kit on it...yet . 

The C7 is currently on its 4th production model year, the Bowling Green Corvette plant was recently shut down for retooling and a new paint facility. All signs are pointing towards a new era for the GM flagship. Tons of images have been leaked and teased.

C8 Corvette

The Corvette forum has done a great job gathering and collecting the information

and of course most magazines are anticipating the change. 

Road and Track

Hagerty ME Artcile

 This is a great time to be a Corvette enthusiast, automotive technology is at its peak, and cars are delivering optimal power with efficiency and grace. Zora's dream of a mid-engine Corvette is likely around the corner, for now we can sit back, dream and doodle as we await it's release.


 C8 Corvette


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