ACS-C7 Stingray / Grand Sport / Z06 Enhanced Front Mudflaps Splash Guards

ACS-C7 Stingray / Grand Sport / Z06 Enhanced Front Mudflaps Splash Guards

ACS Enhanced Front Mud Flaps for C7 Stingray GrandSport Z06, Pn 45-4-063

The Problem

GM’s own splash guards are, we have found, definitely too small and dramatically so when you’re talking Stingrays fitted with side rockers. When fitted with the GM guards the front leading edge of the rocker will get eroded.

Notice how the mudguard is not sufficiently long to prevent potential damage to the rockers, and more so to the Z06 Rear Brake Scoop.

This is devastating considering the rocks flown up by the sticky C7 tires, of course and our design team have come up with a custom built solution.

Our Solution

The all new ACS front mud flaps are 15mm longer and 30% wider than the GM splash guards, thus offering greatly enhanced protection to the side rockers and the side of the car. Specifically for the Z06 we have designed our mud flaps to curve, offering more protection to the rear scoop. In combination with our side rockers, rocks chips can be drastically reduced.

Ingenious Compatibility

Our ACS front mud flaps are injected in an ABS black plastic texture, which has been meticulously designed to match the rear GM mudguards, which means that if customers already have them, they need only to upgrade the fronts.

Rapid Installation

Our enhanced mud flap has an average installation time of only 30 minutes!

Elegant Design

Our enhanced mud flaps are beautifully styled to match the sleek contoured design of the C7. The injected black ABS components not only match GM rear guards but also look the business! However if you wish for a variant, you can opt for the component to be finished in Carbon Flash paint.

Take a look at the GIF below for a look at the distinction between the ACS enhanced mud flap in Carbon Flash and textured and the GM counterpart.

The Conclusion

Whether you are a Z06 or Stingray owner you will be delighted with the wider range and enhanced protection of the rear brake cooling scoop and the side and undercarriage of your car.


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 Looking for More Protection:

In 2018, we released a bigger and better version of the front splash guards called our XL (for extra large) mud flaps for the Chevrolet C7 Corvette. Fits all models, Stingray, Grand Sport, Z06, or ZR1. You can find them below:




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