ACS C7 Corvette  Stingray Side Rockers, the Ultimate Side Protection

ACS C7 Corvette Stingray Side Rockers, the Ultimate Side Protection

If you are one of the lucky to own a C7 Chevrolet Corvette then it is inevitable, you value automotive technology, performance and styling. On your first drive you quickly embrace the legendary Corvette in all its glory. Within a week of ownership you most likely realized the side chips are enormous and the sound of rocks chirping beneath you makes you cringe. With further inspection you discover the meaty sticky tires are a joy to ride but with every mile driven they are compromising the bodywork with side chips.   

rock chip z06

The C7’s athletic design is purpose built; wide tires in each corner, functional scoops on end and of course a slender mid-body. The side rocker panel located between the wheels is bonded to the aluminum rails and serves dual function as the door jam. This being said, this panel is extremely difficult to service. Made in a composite material and painted body color, it is inevitable it will erode, and much quicker than you’d expect.

The ACS side rockers were originally designed for speed, with an enhanced footprint to spread down force and lateral swoops to control airflow. Customer’s quickly mentioned the design was also a great way to protect the C7’s side panels.


While most aftermarket companies simply purchase original parts and source out manufacturers to make copies, ACS reviewed the GM design and improved it. By doubling the non-visible foot print of the Z06 rocker we were able to better distribute the down force over the car's surface, and most importantly completely protect the car’s undercarriage rocker.  We also went an extra mile and coated the underside with a bed liner type rubberized paint to further protect the panel. This will ensure the under side of your C7 is protected and our panel will also stay clean for years to come. As an OEM-validated supplier ACS was able to manufacture rockers to meet GM’s 7-year durability standard, consequently build a part to exceed corvette owner’s expectation. The standard ensures the composite panel will not distort or warp in a few years like most fiberglass panels are known to.

There is no change in ride height or integrity of your car.  Around an hour installation time the ease of which can be found in our DIY installation video on our YouTube page. Your rockers come with and instruction booklet and all the hardware you need for installation.

Installed using black aluminium split rivets, same hardware GM utilities on the Z06 Stage 2 and Stage 3 rockers installation. Below is a installation blog-post with various installation options customers have shared.

Made with an RTM composite material. You can see the quality difference, as an OEM manufacture with over 100,000 panels delivered to the big 3, ACS understands what is expected by Corvette owners. We provide exacting standards for your C7 Corvette. Nothing we do compromises the integrity of your car. Our enhancements are truly functional.

The quest did not end here. Once rockers installed, the next step was to further control the debris projection at the source; the front tires. New enhanced front  mudflaps were born. Manufactured in a solid black ABS, UV stable material, same material GM used on the  the mudflaps, and textured to perfectly match the Z06 front fender extensions, they are a perfect complimentary piece to complete the front bound protection. The following GIF demonstrates how the ACS mudflaps were enhanced to properly cover the leading front edge of the side rockers, and protrude outwards to protect the rear body. 

front mudflaps stingray c7 z06 chip protection


We take time to add styling to our form. To take what is already perfect and move that needle ever so slightly up. That is an achievement. When C7 rockers are installed on your Corvette you can step back and see your Stingray transformed into a beast. Smooth lines, beefy stance give the car a whole new visual life.

On June 30, 1953 the first production Corvette was released. Since its berth the Corvette is as much a part of the American landscape as the hot dog and baseball. At ACS the stewardship of that legend is not taken for granted. Every aerodynamic production piece we build has to live up to the legend that is Corvette.

Our engineers and designers honor Corvette heritage, with our air splitters, C7 rockers and the entire lineup of Aero-enhancements. You can drive with pride knowing that we live up to the legend that is your car.

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