C7 Z06 Splitter for both Stingray and Z06

C7 Z06 Splitter for both Stingray and Z06

Introducing the ACS-Z06 Splitter for both the Stingray and Z06 C7’s. The C7 front end is already stunning, many say it is perfect, for most enthousiast a front splitter is the ultimate add-on bringing the car to a new level of perfection. The new ACS-Z06 Splitter is derived from the Z07 package GM spent tremendous time aero-testing. Don’t let this fool you; this is no knock off part. Redesigned in Cad and CNC machined, the ACS-Z06 Splitter is designed from the ground up. It does share the same styling cues and produced in ACS’s proprietary RTM manufacturing process following the tightest quality standards, and of course with a few slight improvements in design and costing.

If you own a Z06 or a Stingray, you will have the choice to add our optional enhanced under tray, which is molded to the splitter. This is done for several reasons; most importantly to enhance aerodynamics by keeping all edges smooth and directing air with the minimum amount of turbulences or distractions. A great side benefit is also increased strength to better live through the dreadful driveway scrape.

The changes don’t end here, we also revised the brake cooling ducts and added extra mounting points will linear fins, again to help keep airflow as laminar as possible.

Winglets have over the last few decades been used by both commercial and corporate jets. Jet designers have long known that airflow off the end of a wing caused drag. With the implementation of the winglet airflow was improved and planes moved more efficiently. Same principal applies to the latest Corvette Winglets / Deflectors line.

Optional Deflectors:

Every splitter package will include small end cap to block the holes in the event no deflectors are installed. A clean elegant options if deflectors are not your thing.

Our S2, similar to the Z06 Stage 2 deflectors, are the smallest and conservative option. For aero-performance and a bold look, the S3 is the choice to consider. Specific deflectors are available for both the Z06 and Stingray.

The ACS-Z06 S3 Deflector is also manufactured in RTM composite, available in Primer or Carbon flash black and mirroring the Stage 3 GM offering found on the Z07 package.

The ACS-Stingray S3 Deflector is the jewel of our latest splitter line, specifically designed to fit the non-wide bodied Stingray, it is exclusive to the Stingray for enhanced brake cooling and a bold new look honoring it’s bigger brother, the Z07.

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