Advantages of RTM panels

RTM, Resin Transfer Molding is a manufacturing process where a fiberglass continuous mat is placed in a closed female / male tool. Under pressure the mold cavity is filled with liquid resin. An injection machine is used to fill the mold.

ACS’s RTM process utilizes large presses and heavy tooling to ensure high quality parts. ACS’s proprietary molds are computer temperature controlled for repeatability and part consistency. Average tool weight is 4-5000 lbs

  • Parts are same thickness throughout, insure proper stack height and an excellent fit on the vehicle
  • Smooth finish on both sides of panel
  • Similar mechanical properties to SMC (Sheet Molding Compound)
  • Consistent glass/resin ratio content
  • Fully cured in mold
  • High filler rate for great heat distortion resistance
  • Tested for automotive glass A finish
  • No air pocket or dry spots
  • Tested for durability and show finish, will not distort under extreme heat
  • Environmentally friendly, low VOC emissions as part is cured in a closed mold


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