ACS, Not only hoods


ACS applies it’s automotive knowledge and experience in several other markets. Most recently ACS produced the first Bus Shelter Ad Caissons destined for Toronto’s new Urban furniture revamp in RTM. The panels are composed of two RTM molded panels with an inner aluminum structure. The process enabled the designers to have a seamless yet edgy look. A cost effective solution to aluminum and were able to meet a stringent production time line for 2008.


Alstom designed a new LCD system destined for the city of Atlanta. ACS produced over 3000 screen covers in a span of 6 weeks. Panels were RTM molded in a fire retardant resin and finally painted to match the interior train panels. The project was a first in the country and a joint venture between the city and TRN


Another example are the Montreal Mega Columns, these are installed trough out Montreal’s downtown core. Acs manufactured the dome and the bases of the columns.  These are a few prime examples how composites can offer cost effective solutions to various industries. ACS is entering the sign industry with a new innovative and cost effective process, RTM, Resin Transfer Molding. The process offers a high output composite material which we have validated in the auto industry. It permits the sign designer to design shapes not possible in Aluminum at a fraction of the cost.

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