LG Motorsports Sets new Texas Standing Mile Record for Corvette at 210mph

For the off season from the ALMS series, LG Motorsports took a Corvette Z06 and built it with Twin Turbo resulting in 1200 hp and took it to the “Texas Standing Mile” for a shot at the Corvette record.

Result: New record for a Corvette in the Texas Standing Mile at 210.3 even with tires spinning at will in all but one gear.

According to Gigliotti, “the first run was a little hairy because of excessive lift from no spoilers, but we cured that by lowering the car and closing the air dam in the front to reduce the lift without adding lift.”

Dunlop ALMS tires were used because they are a proven tire to be able to exceed the speed easily and safely.

The main thrust behind this effort was spearheaded by Lou’s son Louis jr and some Purdue SAE Team members that worked together when Louis and the group were all at Purdue working and building their SAE Project.

“The young engineers fresh out of college and the racing bug have combined to give LG Motorsports a relentless determination to achieve new heights.” said Gigliotti sr. While Louis jr admits that, “I have been at one race track or another since I was 4 and even at the 83 Indy 500 when I was still in the womb.”

The team is working toward a full season in the ALMS series in their GT2 Corvette C6 for 2009. Talks are underway and decisions will be made soon as to the ALMS plans.

LG Motorsport World Challenge Hood

[Source : LG Motorsports]


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