Nickey Chicago Stinger II Hood


Due to popular demand the second version of our Functional Ram Air Stinger hood, the Stinger II, will be released even earlier than we anticipated. This is Nickey’s second hood to be kicked into production. Hood is fully functional with a cold-air intake scoop, “Ram Air”, bringing fresh cold air to the stock air box location. Hood can be used with any top mount cold air induction system for added horsepower.

An internal water-control system prevents rain from getting into the air intake system of the engine. Like all of our ACS made hoods, it has reinforced internal mounting hardware to insure safety in a frontal collision, and adjustable rear hinge mounts for ease of installation.

Hood is made with our proprietary RTM process; Resin Transfer Molding. The same process used to manufacture over 50 000 OEM hoods for various builders. Unlike most aftermarket parts the panels are made by injecting resin in a hard tool installed in a press. The result is a high quality panel with a very high resistance to heat distortion to ensure a show car finish for years to come. Parts are then robotically trimmed and assembled to ensure the best possible fit. Finally each panel is prepped and primed saving the installation shop hours of work.

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