ACS files for patent on T2 and T3 Ports


ACS completed the required documentation for its patent submission for the bumper port application. The process works by the installation of a molded component on an existing OEM style bumper assembly. By retaining most of the surface of the original bumper its mechanical properties along with fit and finish are retained. The alteration is localized in order to add a specific function; to either let cold air in or change the cosmetic appearance of the bumper assembly. Several advantages of using a stock OEM bumper are

Compared to all aftermarket bumpers, reusing a stock bumper will not alter the overall performance of the vehicle in a collision, whether at low-speed or high

– No issues to meet OEM standards like the 5 mph test

– Air bag sensors function as they were intended

– Fit and finish is perfect

– Part durability is warranted

– Unlike urethane aftermarket bumpers, OE bumpers are stable in extreme conditions (+ 90 deg F, or sub-zero temperature)

Customers can select from a DIY kit or purchase a complete bold on assembly.


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