Follow Inferno Camaro in the Chevrolet Fireball Run 2011

The Chevrolet Fireball Run Adventurally is one of America’s most popular motoring events. As well our Race to Recover America’s Missing Children is the largest awareness campaign in the country and has aided in the recovery of 35 missing children.

The Cause : Team TandT #24, wil be driving a 2010 Inferno Camaro searching for Reuban Blackwell.

The Team : Team TandT is made up of Tim Flanary (TandTperformance) and Joseph Taverna (Acs Composite)

Tim Flanary, owner of T and T Performance; We are known throughout the automotive industry as a premiere player in the high-performance upgrade market. We have designed the very best high-performance upgrade packages for the Chevrolet Camaro.

Joseph Taverna, Acs Composite, Advanced Composite Specialties is a leading Camaro and Corvette panel manufacturer. ACS has proven its mark in the automotive industry by having built over 75 000 components for various OEM automotive customers. Today ACS is also offering its products to the Specialty Performance Market serving private label customers in addition to its own brand of products like the Acs SS9 window hood and T1 found on the team’s Inferno Camaro.

Make sure to follow and support us as we drive through America searching for Ruben !

The Route


September 23 : Melbourne, FL
September 24: Melbourne, FL
September 25: Jacksonville, FL
September 26: North Charleston, SC
September 27: Peachtree City, GA
September 28: Knoxville, TN
September 29: Clarksville, Tn
September 30: Anniston, AL
October 1 : Gulfport, Ms

Details and times can be found at on the Fireball Run site

We will have a GPS mounted in our car, will post images and stories in this thread, and of course your facebook page. Make sure to click the like button !


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