ACS Camaro T1 Lights For T2 Bumper

ACS Camaro T1 Lights For T2 Bumper


Our latest Camaro upgrade and will transform your Camaro front end with the ever so desired Quad Lighting System. It will install in any T2 Port or Bumper.

Make it your 2011 Resolution to have your Camaro updated before the Zl1 Arrives; Don’t be a clone, make it your own.

ACS’s new T1 High Intensity LED Light is designed to maximize lighting efficiency while benefiting LED low power consumption.  Its reflector is designed for a low and wide output with sharp cut off lines to increase vehicle visibility and reduce glare while driving in foggy conditions. Expected lifespan of over 15 000 hours.

Requires reusing existing Day Time Running Light (DRL) on RS Models and Fog Light on others. Wiring instruction will ignite the DRL for day use and automatically ignite the T1 light for night driving.

Camaro SS: You will need to order a complete T2 front end with conversion kit. This will get you a replacement bumper with no mail slot, a splitter, cooling T2 Ports and the T1 Lighting kit.

T2 bumper Assembly w/splitter and T1 Lighting

Camaro LT and LS: You may order a complete new bumper like our SS counterparts or save on paint and install and simply order T2 ports with the T1 lighting kit, Splitter can be added but is optional !

T2 Ports with T1 lighting kit

Existing T2 Port Owners: Simply order the T1 Lighting Kit, it will retro fit to all existing T2 ports, you will need to remove your DRL bracket and reuse the OEM DRL or Fog light.

T1 Kit for T2 Ports

We’ll also use this opportunity to thank you for your business and a Happy Holiday Season!




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