ACS T2 AND T3 Port Installation video in Richie’s Garage

ACS T2 AND T3 Port Installation video in Richie’s Garage

Below is an install video of forum member Richie (Camaro 2LT) performing the installation of a set of T2 ports with DRL’s on his Camaro. I would like to thank him and his family for the great hospitality… as with most memorable mods, the best part was hanging out… while the mod came to life. In a few hours we witnessed the transformation of his front bumper come to life…

Parts on hand were ACS’s T2 ports painted satin black with DRL brackets, the install was done with basic tools without ever dealing with paint or color matching… Total working time was 4 hours, with 3 hours of sitting time to let the adhesive cure on a hot summer night, and may be 2-3 beers 

During the sitting time we were fortunate to get treated to a great BBQ with Richie’s Family. Thanks’ a million to the Durso Family!

And best of all we spent a few hours in what I call the Camaro Shrine; now named “Richie’s Garage”

Enjoy the video, and feel free to comment!!!


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