ACS developping new Fiat 500 Cavallino Parts.

Cavallino Fiat 500

We love cars, big or small. They say the smaller they are, the more wicked they are. We’ve seen the commercials, we have seen the car. Love it or hate it… I drove one, and I want one. I think that the Abarth is just an amazing package with a super bang-for-the buck factor, and did I say FIAT  is Italian. Perhaps it’s the fact I grew up idolizing Fiat, Ferraris, Maseratis and such… The FIAT 500 is no exotic, but it is an Italian Coupe with lots of Heritage. People know me for having big cars and American cars… I can’t explain it but every time I see a 500, I smile. This being said, I am jumping in with my own line of Fiat 500 Parts. It is exciting getting in a new market, tons of ideas, and endless opportunities.

Working with ACS you learn to see potential in cars. The Fiat 500 is a great platform. All the key elements are present and it’s time to show the world what she can be when she grows up  In the next few months we will be sharing what we feel the 500 can be. Of course ACS Composite is here to help develop new parts. Perhaps this will be our smallest hood in production… stay tuned to find out. In the mean time, please bookmark our new site and I invite you to revisit once it’s completed.

In the meantime enjoy these commercials!




Video Source [FIAT USA]


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