Cavallino Fiat 500 appearing in Little Italy during Montreal Grand Prix Festivities

On June 8th, 9th & 10th 2012 during Montreal Grand Prix Formula 1 weekend, Little Italy will be celebrating day and night; entertainment, good dining and of course a huge celebration of the automobile! Thinking of Italy you think of the most exotic and fastest of cars, but recently America has been blessed with the arrival of a wicked little car, we welcome the FIAT 500. To celebrate the occasion, we are presenting our  favorite litle brother; the new Cavallino. Our 500 will be showcasing a series of ACS built products specifically  for the new generation FIAT 500. For the event ACS has partnered with Canada’s largest and most passionate dealer; Demeusles Fiat, also known as Bravo Fiat. Special thanks to a great team for paint and assembly Stemac Auto.

A great event for all to appreciate the finest Italian styling and dynamic design of automobiles.

Cavallino is a new FIAT 500 Performance Tuning Group and a new division of Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS). ACS is an OEM validated body panel manufacturer and specialty part builder. Passion, Beauty, and Performance are the three words that have driven the Cavallino program. ACS is presenting it’s Cavallino product line tailored to match the Fiat 500 owner.

Bravo FIAT is an authorized distributor of Cavallino Cars, for any questions or inquiries feel free to contact us,   all are invited to little Italy this coming weekend ! Make sure to stop buy and say Ciao ?

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