Cavallino cruises to Ottawa with Club Fiat Montreal

On June 16th Cavallino Cars joined the Montreal Fiat Club for their annual cruise to Ottawa’s Little Italy . Ottawa’s largest street party, a festival to celebrate and laugh with the Italian-Canadian community. The city showed us a warm Italian welcome and offered a gustatory treats from the restaurants along the street to a great car parade filled with our great Italian Car Brands. It was a pleasure to meet the club members and thank them for the very warm welcome. Truly a group of gentlemen who enjoy the deep history and heritage of the Italian Automobile. The event was kicked off at the legendary Cafe Milano with a cruise in direction to our Nation’s Capitol. Various pit stops along way…. Fiat’s, Alfa’s Ferrari’s, Lancia, all were invited in true Italian fashion, the more the merrier.

I would like to extend special thanks to the Montreal Club organizers, a very well organized team with lots of passion. A car club going beyond the line of duty, enthusiastic about the brand but most importantly about the relationships being built around the event. Cavallino Cars is looking forward to their future events and congratulate them for their true car club spirit !

Alla Prossima !

Cavallino is a new FIAT 500 Performance Tuning Group and a new division of Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS). ACS is an OEM validated body panel manufacturer and specialty part builder. Passion, Beauty, and Performance are the three words that have driven the Cavallino program. ACS is presenting it’s Cavallino product line tailored to match the Fiat 500 owner.



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