Camaro Fest III 2012, Indianapolis, Lucas Raceway

On August  3 and 4 2012 was hosting their annual Fest,  a Camaro Forum Member meet, an opportunity for us to meet customers and create new friendships.  It was a pleasure to meet  members and thank them for their support and answer their questions. Truly a group of enthusiast who know how to have a great time.   The event was hosted at the Lucas Motorsports Speedway, but the party did not end there as the festivities continued into the night at each respective hotel parking lot.

I would like to extend special thanks to the organizers, a very well organized team. A car club going beyond the line of duty, enthusiastic about the brand but most importantly about the relationships being built around the event. Definitely the best Camaro Fest to date, special thanks to Indianapolis for hosting us and the organizers for a great job! It was a blast, wish we had more time to walk around and see what other vendors were offering. It was great meeting many of you and actually linking a face to name and a Camaro 

Here are a few shots from the show…. we’ll definitely see you next year, we can’t possibly miss one of these.

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