Cavallino wins the Fiat Club Montreal Cincana 2012 Race

Cavallino wins the Fiat Club Montreal Cincana 2012 Race

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Under a sunny sky and warm weather the Fiat Club Montreal held its first annual Cincana Race hosted at the Espace Maison store located in Montreal-East. Onsite children parks, oven baked pizza, espresso and much more were served. In Italian tradition the car event was much more than a celebration for the automobile but a great opportunity for families and friends to a great summer day and their company.

A show and shine venue welcoming all Italian Automobiles, Fiats, Alfa Romeo’s, Ferrari’s, Maserati’s were all present, from new to vintage, from fully restored to completely up-fitted machines, the event was a celebration of a great automotive summer we have just experienced. New cars, new friends and new venues have been created all thanks to the new Fiat 500 and its extremely enthusiastic Montreal Fiat Club. Thank you again for a great event, it was a blast, and special thanks to Caffitaly Canada for donating a superb expresso machine to the winner of the Cincana event. Thank you for the coffee I am drinking as I write this post ;-).

The Cincana Race is a small road course with driver obstacles. A fun and leisure race between club members and their Fiats.

Rules and procedure for the Cincana are as follows:

ORANGE 1: Start (clock starts)
ORANGE 2: Tire obstacle (driver must stop his car, remove the tire, get back in the car, advance a few feet, get out of the car, put the tire back in its place, get back in the car and continue
ORANGE ROUNDABOUT: Driver must loop around the roundabout twice and continue
GREEN 3: Drinking obstacle (driver must park the car, get out, go to the judge who will give him a glass of water which he must drink in full without spilling or spitting), get back in the car and continue by going in reverse
GREEN 4: Arrive in reverse near the wall, get out of the car, run on the gravel towards the wall on his right, grab a Hawaiian lay from the table, put it on, get back in the car and drive forward
PINK: After step 4, pilot drives forward on the pink portion of the circuit and completes a chicane
ORANGE 1: Finish (driver must stop his car, hand the Hawaiian lay while remaining seated in the car. Chrono will stop the clock as the lay is received)
-1 second for each cone you touch
-3 seconds for mistake during the Tire obstacle
-10 seconds for wrong turn
-4 seconds if you fail to drink all the water or if you spill some.


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