Road Test of the ABARTH Cavallino, Launch Edition

Road Test of the ABARTH Cavallino, Launch Edition

Cavallino, Launch Edition

Cavallino Launch Edition in Montreal

Cavallino Launch Edition 002 reviewed by Kevin Mio.

Montreal is a great city; it is a cultural center with plenty of history and life. Not only is this our Hometown, it is the city were Cavallino Cars presented its Cavallino, Launch Edition to the media. Kevin Mio from the Montreal Gazette was the first to get his hands on the Cavallino and hit the streets!

Follow the link below to read his take and review of Cavallino 002.

by Kevin Mio

On Monday, I was given a rare treat when handed the key to a 2013 Fiat 500 Abarth. Why was it special?

Well, this wasn’t just any Fiat 500 Abarth, this is a Fiat 500 Abarth Cavallino Launch Edition from Montreal-based Advanced Composite Specialities. Only 100 of these are being produced and I got to roll around Montreal in No. 2, the first one produced already finding a home with a Fiat enthusiast. Making it extra special was the fact that I was the first journalist in North America to test drive the model!

ACS takes a fully-loaded Abarth and then adds aerodynamic enhancements to make the already-fun Fiat a little bit more entertaining. It should be noted, however, that the company does not make any mechanical modifications to the Abarth in order to preserve the vehicle’s warranty, said ACS’ Joseph Taverna  during a phone conversation before I picked up the Cavallino.

So what are some of the features you get on the Cavallino?

Painted Satin Black hood port extractor to relieve heat and under hood pressure at high speeds.

Painted Satin Black Intake Naca Duct Hood Port, to let cold air rush to the engine compartment contributing to lowering the engine operation temperature.

Functional Racing Rear Composite Spoiler with CNC Aluminum Mounts and color contrasting Side Blades.

Cavallino Door and Rear Hatch Badging.

Authenticity Dash plaque and Certificate.

That package adds $2,695 to the MSRP of $30,570 for a fully-loaded Abarth, with the  dual rally stripes streaking over the hood, roof and rear hatch on car No. 2 adding an extra $300.

The company will be introducing more customization features throughout 2013, including a functional front splitter to enhance down force and improve frontal airflow  (available late 2013) and a  front air dam port to replace the central grill with a larger opening to help the intercooler breathe more efficiently and to embrace a pair of high power LED day time running lights. (available late 2013).

The car’s visual elements are inspired by Europe’s Road Racing Clubs while respecting the heritage the brand already delivers, ACS said in a news release.

For now, the only dealer in Canada for the Cavallino models is Desmeules Fiat in Laval, where the North American launch party for the Cavallino was held last week. In the United States, the only place you can order your Cavallino at the moment is Fiat of Chicago, although more dealers should be added in the coming months.

I will have more on this car once my time with it is done, but for now, enjoy some of the sights of the Fiat 500 Abarth Cavallino:

Here is a selection of images from my first day with the Cavallino, which turned plenty of heads in Montreal’s Old Port, where the Italian vehicle felt right at home in the area’s European charm. And it led to a lengthy conversation with a couple visiting the city from the United States who took in the Cavallino from many angles.


Credit [Kevin Mio]


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