Introducing the Fiat Abarth Cavallino 002, Bianco e Rosso

Introducing the Fiat Abarth Cavallino 002, Bianco e Rosso



Cavallino 002 is a very special Fiat to all of us. Not only is it a wicked litle Abarth, it is Cavallino’s 2nd child. Plans were changed when 001 was spoken for within minutes of being presented at the brand’s launch. Consequently 002 was called into duty; to promote and test Cavallino’s new products. Also known as Bianco e Rosso, for obvious reasons, 002 is Cavallino Cars’s and Desmeules Fiat’s Press and Marketing Fiat.  Not only has the car been test driven by several auto journalist it has also served as a marketing research medium for new product testing and evaluation.

Cavallino 002 is a fully loaded Abarth converted to a Cavallino

Content include

  • Naca Hood Port
  • Extractor Hood Port
  • Cavallino Rear Spoiler
  • Side Cavallino stripes
  • Heritage Wheel badging
  • Interior Serialized Authenticity Plate and Branding
  • Interior Quad mats with Redline edges
  • Cargo Mat with Redline edges
  • Dual Rosso Rally Stripes have been added

Most recently Bianco e Rosso has been up fitted with Cavallino LED lighting package including

  • Dual LED lighting pods fitted in a Custom Hood liner to illuminate the heart and soul of the Abarth, its turbocharged Multi-air Engine.
  • LED foot well lighting, and Cavallino door projectors, Cavallino welcomes for a fun ride, every time the door is opened
  • Trunk Dual LED lighting illuminated the Cavallino Custom Cargo mat.

 Cavallino 002, Bianco e Rosso Gallery



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