Known locally as the Crazy Camaro

Known locally as the Crazy Camaro

ACS-T4 Conversion 

Camaro’s are not just another car, they are not just a vehicle used to get from point A to point B. Certainly there are much more efficient ways of traveling, some would say public transportation, others would say a BMW 7 series…. many will say a Camaro is the only way to go….   The Chevrolet Camaro is a to us a blank canvas…. never has a simple canvas looked so great. Camaro’s and everything around it have become a means of expression….  each Camaro represent its driver’s and its personality. Rarely will two identical Camaro’s ever meet…  each driver will find something to customize and different ways to have their Camaro suit their personality. Hence there is only one Camaro that counts… YOURS.

Recently we hosted Jean’s Camaro at ACS’s manufacturing facility located in Montreal, Canada. Jean already had installed a set of ACS Rockers, ACS-T4 splitters and deflectors. On this fall day, this Camaro was in for real transformation, we installed a set of ACS-T4 ports with a custom lighting layout including a lower EagleT and HP lighting strips, while the front end was apart we jumped on the opportunity to add a functional hydro carbon mailslot conversion kit.

We invite you to scroll though the album as we installed a complete ACS-T4 conversion including

ACS-T4 Bumper Ports 33-4-097
ACS Hp LED Lighting Strip 33-4-129
ACS-T4 Splitter 33-4-099
ACS Rockers 33-4-027
ACS-T4 Front Wheel Deflector 33-4-113
ACS Functional Mailslot Conversion Rad Support 33-4-073

camaro hotrod
camaro hotrod




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