2010-13 5th Gen. Chevrolet Camaro SS ACS Performance Aero-Pack

2010-13 5th Gen. Chevrolet Camaro SS ACS Performance Aero-Pack

2010-13 5th Gen. Chevrolet Camaro SS ACS Performance Aero-Pack

ACS Composite is proud to present the 2010-2013 Chevrolet Camaro SS Performance Package for Aerodynamic Upgrade

Product Statement:

The 5th Generation Chevrolet Camaro SS is an automotive success story.  Something of a point to prove after an eight year break and returned with renewed determination and vigour, producing a stunning ride which GM introduced as a “heritage-inspired sports car for the 21st century, combining great looks and performance; advanced technology and excellent efficiency.” This description could easily have been written about our aerodynamic components packs and so it goes without saying that the Camaro SS and ACS components are a marriage made in heaven.

Aero-Packs are sold as kits, optimizing value and ease of installation. Follow the  below for ordering details

Pn 33-6-001

Manufacturing and design:          

The Camaro SS Aero-Pack comes as a range of fully prepped and primed aerodynamic OEM components that are all set to go, sold in an unbeatably stylish satin black finish – which will enhance and complement any coloured Camaro, as shown to great effect in our mouth-watering video.




Enjoy the fruits of our proprietary manufacturing process using RTM composite material and resulting in sumptuously smooth finishes. All of our aerodynamic components meet OEM criteria for 7 year durability.

An ACS Aero-Pack is a sure-fire guarantee of elevating your Camaro above the competition. As well as looking the part, ACS components are designed to optimise airflow around the Camaro and enhance its already sleek, aggressive appearance.

A specific conversion kit is available for every single Camaro trim level. All of our unique OEM-validated parts are sold as kits, which not only gives great value but enables a hassle-free installation.

All of our manufacturing is based in North America, adding fuel to the regional economy and ensuring scrutiny and quality at each stage of the process, while we are likely the only aftermarket company to follow OEM standards.


Camaro SS product line:

ACS-SS Aero-Pack comprises:

• ACS-T4 Splitter 33-4-099

• ACS-T4 Front Wheel Deflectors 33-4-113

• ACS Side Rockers 33-4-027

• ACS Front Wheel Mudflap 33-4-131

• ACS Rear Bumper Extension 33-4-137 

Optional Extras:

• TL1  Hood Insert 33-4-095

• T3 Hood port system 33-4-049

• T10 Window Hood Insert

• ACS-T4 Bumper Ports with Hp Lighting 33-4-097

• ACS Big Mouth 33-4-109

• Rocker Winglet 33-4-125

• Rear Quarter Side Port 33-4-111

• Rear Quarter Upper Port









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