Installing side rockers on a C7 Corvette Stingray

Installing side rockers on a C7 Corvette Stingray


How do I install Rockers on my Stingray Corvette  ?

Do I really need to drill those holes ?

Will you make a set that looks like the Amazing Z06 / Z07 Corvette from the NAIS?

Questions, concerns and even more questions….  confused , worried?  We decided to compile some of the answers in this blog post.

Any modification or upgrade to a car should be studied and evaluated. Whether it’s to get more power, to improve cornering, or a cosmetic upgrade it pays to do your homework before spending your hard earned money. Aerodynamic components are driven by performance and function, of course the driver’s personality will impact it’s styling selection. Check out this blog detailing the history behind the importance of side rockers on your Corvette or Camaro.The cost, the quality, and durability are all things that come into play. ACS’s  philosophy has always been to treat our aftermarket parts like our OEM supplied components. We apply the same guidelines in development, manufacturing and durability testing.  With the launch of two different side rockers for the 2014 Stingray in recent weeks we have received many questions concerning their installation and application.

ACS-C7  Zero1 Pn 45-4-001; elegant yet an efficient design, and our latest the

ACS-C7 Zero7 Pn 45-4-015; clearly inspired by the forthcoming Z06 and Z07 Stingray.

We recommend drilling a series of holes to the OEM composite rocker. Consider the application on hand, these are aero parts and substantial forces will be exerted to them. Mechanical fasteners are the most reliable in any durability test.  Below are snapshots of what we think is the ultimate way to install side rocker extensions. As always a detailed guide is included with each part we deliver.

ACS rocker installation procedure

Indeed, we do recommend to drill holes in the OEM composite rocker, they will never rust or deteriorate. Besides, once you have rockers installed on your C7  I doubt you will ever want a Vette without them.  We think it’s a small price to pay for insurance.  Below is a summary of the required holes, followed by alternative mounting methods.

 stingray rocker installation

I have gotten a few customers confirming they installed the side rockers without the drilling the extra recommended holes we call for in our instructions.

The decision lies in the owner / installer. As a manufacturer I feel responsible to sell a product to outperform your expectations. In certain conditions 2 way tape can fail, hence why I shy away from it.

Our rockers will mount by reusing the OEM fasteners from underneath. I was told two strips of thin 2-way tape were used and rockers are holding on like a rock.

rockers no drilling required


I am sure this is working great for them, I am simply not a fan of 2 way tape. It is dependent on the installation procedure.

Whether you are installing ACS parts or any other parts while using 2 way tape I suggest you ensure the install process is well done. Some points

1. Ensure the surfaces are at ambient temperature
2. Ensure the surface is wax and contaminate free, using a 3m adhesion promoter pad is wise.
3. Ask the painter to polish the mating surface of the parts. The less orange peel in the paint, the better the adhesion.

Here are some notes directly from 3m.

A final note, most lower aero parts are designed to create down force… they are asking to pull the car down, hence why hard fasteners like bolts and scrivets are the preferred mounting method.


Happy modding, it is a consumer market, it is amazing to see all the options out there 

Under view of ACS part installed and it’s coverage and protection to the OEM rocker.

 Acs installing side rockers on a 2014 Stingray. 


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