All New Supercharger Friendly ACS Hood Insert – 2014 Camaro SS

All New Supercharger Friendly ACS Hood Insert – 2014 Camaro SS



With the dazzling new 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, GM achieved incredibly effective airflow management and stunning aerodynamics and one of the most eye-catching features is the sleek, intimidating front end. Supercharging the LS power plant can be a challenge; ACS has solved this problem with our brand new lustrous ACS Composite TLE Hood Insert, Pn 46-4-011.

The development of our latest Hood Insert was solely driven by from and function. Ensuring to clear all top mount superchargers and retain aerodynamic efficiency were one of many design parameter. ACS worked with the major supercharger manufacturers to ensure adequate clearance and cooling is provided. The ACS hood insert is a true bolt on with no required modifications ensuring a quick install and upgrade.

Hood Insert Features

  • Available in Primer, Satin Black or Carbon Flash Black paint finish.
  • Heat extraction via a waterfall extractor design and rear cowl exit.
  • Increased engine clearance accommodating all Supercharger Systems.
  • Compatible with any non-supercharged SS / 1LE.
  • Black plastic ABS molded grill insert and removable water management system for improved track performance.
  • Optional LED engine light to showcase engine.

About ACS – manufacturing and design

Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS) align our dedication to detail and diligent design practice with OEM data and our trademark manufacturing process using Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) composite material and smooth finishes creating aerodynamic components that find a perfect balance between efficiency, elegance and ease of assembly. ACS has a wealth of expertise in product development, design, engineering, manufacturing, tooling and fabrication, combining these skills to create elegant, aerodynamic, fully prepped and primed components.

We keep all of our manufacturing within North America, using locally sourced raw materials, ensuring scrutiny and quality at each stage of the process and maximizing communication efficiency with our manufacturers. As a custom tool manufacturer, ACS embodies a small company’s flexibility with the depth of experience of a large company. ACS recognizes its niche in the composite industry and recommends the most economical solution to your composite needs. ACS excels in a market where high quality meets competitive costing; achieving low cost, stylish, light weight, aerodynamic and durable OEM components. All of our aerodynamic components meet the GM criteria for 7 year durability and are fully prepped and primed with optional extras such as satin black finishes, where relevant.

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