ACS off to the NCM, National Corvette Museum Caravan!

ACS off to the NCM, National Corvette Museum Caravan!

ACS off to the NCM, National Corvette Caravan!

The wait is over and the NCM, National Corvette Caravan is upon us. From August 28th through 30th, the 5th annual NCC will be held, which coincides with the 20th anniversary of the National Corvette Museum (the final destination of the Caravan), so you can rest assured that it will be celebrated in style! The location of this tremendous event is in Bowling Green, Kentucky and, we’ll be there with bells on! During the three days of the Caravan there will be a whole host of exciting activities all kindly and expertly organised with the Corvette enthusiast in mind, by the National Corvette Museum. The Corvette plant will serve as the fitting final destination.

This video gives you an insight into the fun that you could have should you decide to join us! It certainly looks like the kind of event that should be on the bucket list of every Corvette connoisseur worth his or her salt! We will have a pitch showcasing our ever-expanding range of the highest quality RTM composite OEM parts and fittings will be available on site.

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