ACS Composite C7 Stingray Configurator Announced

ACS Composite C7 Stingray Configurator Announced

Introducing the all new ACS Composite C7 Stingray Configurator

As the saying goes, time stands still for no man and at ACS Composite we hold to the proverb, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to enhance the experience of our customers. Following hotly in the footsteps of our Camaro Configurator, which we so proudly announced in September, this fabulous new tool allows Stingray owners to get in on the interactive action!

Essentially this new interactive web tool is a one stop designer, letting you add any of our dedicated Aerodynamic components to ‘your ride’ on the screen in front of you, trying out each and every modification and combination thereof, before you decide on the details of your desired look.

At every stage you can check the prices of each and every modification allowing you to build according to your taste, and your build list that is generated as you finalize your desired end-product can be used to make your purchase!

Our Configurator, which is designed for 2014-15 model Stingrays, is incredibly easy to use and highly responsive, allowing for a rapid, accurate portrayal of your customization options.

There are four clearly defined stages to creating your virtual design:

  1. Choose your car’s color and wheels
  2. Select your trim
  3. Choose your ACS components. Here is where the fun begins and you play around with the various options for modifying your vehicle. Be sure to swap from Body Colored components to the OEM trim color Carbon Flash Black paint scheme.
  4. Spin, share, save. View your car from any angle – giving you the option to see the full impact of your modifications. When you are satisfied with what you have done you can save your final design and share it with friends or family to get second opinions before embarking on your gradual or radical  Corvette Stingray modification journey with ACS Composite Parts.

Of course, once you decide to go ahead with your modifications you can always re-share your saved image to show people what you have done!

For further details you are welcomed to click on the product list on the right to be redirected to the product description, or feel free to contact us for further details.

Please note that the Stingray Configurator is optimized for use with Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox 

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