ACS Chevrolet Stingray Aero-Parts Installation Video

ACS Chevrolet Stingray Aero-Parts Installation Video

ACS Stingray Aero-Parts Installation Video

Some would say leave it alone it’s perfect as it is! You however would not be that person. Refinement can be a daring challenge and you’re totally up for it. ASC Composite adds just the refinement to your Chevrolet Corvette Stingray that will give your car the form and function you desire. Set Stingray apart from the crowd, all this with real functionality. An installation video of our install session as we get the Laguna Blue Stingray ready for the season’s first car show.

The ASC-C7 Five 1 replacement bumper grille, the Stingray Splitter and Z06 inspired Side Rockers will give your Corvette a distinct finish, as well as functionality. Each are manufactured to exact standards to meet or exceed OEM standards. You will see this in the upcoming video.

Each of the components provide functionality such as, augmenting the function of the brake cooling duct. The side rockers help protect your Corvette from rock chips and pesky road debris. The Splitter cuts through the air while your car races down the road directing air flow for optimum aerodynamic function.

OK, so the function is welcome, let’s talk about how cool your car now looks. These three changes give your Stingray a very distinct look. Separating you from the pack. The beauty of the ASC components is it’s just as simple to change back your Corvette to its original condition, once you see this new transformation, you won’t want to, just nice to know you have that option.

ACS’s guided install video available on You Tube will show you in detail the ease of installation. Just a few screws and clips and you’re done. As a high performance car owner you many very well want to experience the thrill of customizing your Corvette Stingray. This is a great place to start even for a novice do-it-yourselfer. The video also reveals how painless the install is so you can have confidence your car is not changing so much so it can’t be put back. That is the hallmark of ASC Composite, the simplicity of the install and the leading OEM quality of the product.

Take a look at our Installation Video and experience how easily you can change the look of your Corvette. See how function and form come together.

ACS Composite Stingray Aero Conversion. Installation includes

Front Fascia Five1 Grill Pn 45-4-017

Front Splitter with Deflectors Pn 45-4-005

Zero7 Side Rockers Pn 45-4-015

Check out this informative video:



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