ACS Five1 Front Lip Spoiler / Splitter for the C7 Corvette

ACS Five1 Front Lip Spoiler / Splitter for the C7 Corvette

New ACS Composite Front Lip Spoiler / Splitter for the C7 Corvette Stingray

 As the owner of the all-new Chevrolet® Corvette Stingray you obviously have an appetite for styling, performance and the latest in product releases. At ASC Composite we get that. Our products are designed by passionate designers who live and breathe Corvette Culture. We have taken great care to bring to bear craftsman's that understand Corvette heritage and the stewardship our customers have in owning an American automotive icon.

Meet our New Five 1 Front Lip Spoiler now available for the 7th Generation Corvette Stingray.

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The new Five 1 front lip spoiler is the evolution of our ACS C7 splitter. Without forgetting the aerodynamic function, maintaining style, our new spoiler is set higher from the ground allowing everyday drivers the function of driving where curbs, steep driveway grades can present challenges for Corvette drivers. Our design team listened to our customers and delivered the highest ground clearance available.

Set to exacting OEM standards, this is not something we just say, we are very proud of being a GM validate supplier for a series of parts. We have taken a concept to life using the latest computer CAD software, utilizing the dominant body-lines of the C7  as inspiration the Five1 Splitter was born. Part is manufactured using our RTM composite material customers will enjoy its great looks, solid craftsmanship and exact fitting. Bringing form and function together as one.


Corvette owners will enjoy a sleek front end look. Subtle changes to the car can give it just enough change in lines to give the appearance of a whole new car. Sometimes the smallest things give off the biggest bang. As a Corvette owner you want your automobile to have its own life, separate it from the pack. Have its own personality, The Five 1 Front Lip Spoiler gives you that and more.

With optional deflector / winglets, you can enrich the cars function and form again. Winglets are designed to assist air movement around the front spinning wheels assisting the brake cooling feature already incorporated in the Stingray’s DNA. This is a must for our more spirited drivers.

A Corvette Stingray on its own is a world-class car. Add our new Five 1 Spoiler with the optional winglets and wheel deflectors. Your Corvette just found a whole new life. Contact us today!

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