ACS Customer-made Installation Video for Cadillac ATS Aeropack

ACS Customer-made Installation Video for Cadillac ATS Aeropack


Installing ACS AeroParts on a  Cadillac ATS Sedan

No better has our drive for synergy in your drive been better represented than by our Cadillac ATS Splitters & Rockers. Combining luxurious visuals with performance enhancing technology, our fully prepped and primed ATS components have been a roaring success and even prompted one of our customers to post a couple of videos – firstly a detailed installation guide and secondly a proud showcase of the end result.

Known as Smurf Killer across the various internet forums, Matt Shutt’s attention to detail in the installation video is second to none and anyone planning on upgrading their ATS Cadillac with our RTM composite parts should make use of this fantastic resource. Full of useful, common sense tips like avoiding the over-tightening of bolts on the underbelly of the splitter, Smurf Killer’s video is easy to follow and helpful for novices and experienced fitters alike.

Produced by JustinFocusImaging the video showcases an inside view of the install process. Shutt illustrates perfectly how our ATS side rockers give the illusion of a lower ride, without actually lowering your ride – and in practical terms how this means no compromise when going over speed bumps and the like: style and performance in perfect synergy.

From the larger parts to the smaller nuts and bolts, Smurf Killer explains how each piece fits together simply and effectively, leaving no room for error, making an easy installation job that little bit easier. What more can you ask from a customer-made installation vid?

The showcase video is exactly what it claims to be. A very stylish video, with great time-warping camera effects, showing off just how good our parts can make an ATS Cadillac look!



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