ACS C7 Diffuser Fin for Z06 and Stingray Pn 45-4-025

ACS C7 Diffuser Fin for Z06 and Stingray Pn 45-4-025

Attention Corvette Owners!

Dying to improve your rear end?

Introducing our new, ACS-C7 Corvette diffuser fin system.

The Corvette Stingray is a beautiful car – on that we can all agree. It combines style with purpose and performance in almost every aspect. However, the Corvette’s diffuser just lacks that little something. At ACS we make it our mission to develop all those ‘little somethings’ and find a solution that can provide the difference between ‘almost’ and ‘absolute.’ With our Purpose Built ABS composite fins; we believe we’ve turned a flat rear end into a seriously hot booty!

So, apart from being aesthetically stunning, what can our fins do for your C7? They can:

  • Improve the airflow of the integrated diffuser by directing the rear airflow linearly, thus improving undercarriage airflow.
  • Increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle by reducing turbulent air at the rear. The diffuser directs the fast moving air from the undercarriage as it decelerates and expands.

In short, the fins improve on what is already a high-performance design.


The details: ACS-C7 Stingray Corvette diffuser Fins, PN 45-4-025

Can be installed on any Stingray C7, coupe, convertible or Z06

Functions as an add-on to the OEM diffuser

Manufactured in highest quality ABS composite material. Same material as the diffuser already on your car.

Installs using 3 SEM bolts per side, with supplied  printed templates.

Installation time is 15 minutes per side

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