ACS and Lingenfelter have a blast at Bloomington Gold

ACS and Lingenfelter have a blast at Bloomington Gold

ACS and Lingenfelter Performance Battle the Weather Gods at the Corvettes Bloomington Gold held at Indianapolis Raceway!

ACS teamed up with Lingenfelter Performance once again to attend the excellent Bloomington Gold, Indianapolis Raceway show from June 24th-27th.

Despite inclement weather (at times it felt like Thor himself might appear through the storm clouds brandishing his mighty hammer) the turnout was brilliant and a great time was had by all. From the popular Chevy Ride and Drives through to Hall of Fame Museum exhibitions and all the fascinating exhibits and vendors there was something for every vehicle enthusiast.

The nation’s most prestigious and longest-running all-Corvette show included an enormous one-of-a-kind display of Corvettes with many of the world’s most valuable and collectible Corvettes available for judging from the Friday to the Sunday close.

Hoods were popped and engines admired, mods appreciated and detailing jobs appraised! Our stall gave us the opportunity to offer installs on the Corvette C7 and over the course of the four day event we managed to install plenty of Aeropacks including splitters, rockers, and our new rear spoiler conversion, diffuser fins and RQ ports.

Overall the event and the ACS Lingenfelter team-up alike went down a storm and it is an experience we’ll be sure to look to repeat.

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