Five1 Z51 Wicker Spoiler Conversion Kit

Five1 Z51 Wicker Spoiler Conversion Kit

ACS Five1 Z51 Wicker Spoiler Conversion Kit (Pn 45-4-061)

Spoiler Wicker  benefits

If downforce is your wish then our brand new wicker spoiler conversion kit will be a dream addition for your Stingray! Manifesting in two sleek, stylish carbon flash black pieces that add a zesty, sporty feel to the rear end, our conversion kit is a great addition to the Z51 spoiler and more evidence that ACS are the clear winners when it comes to understanding the importance of synergy in design and performance. This part has been specifically designed to heap that little extra downforce on the rear end of your C7 Corvette Stingray.

Complements existing components

Our tailor made parts are made in ABS plastic injection and painted ‘Carbon Flash black’ specifically in order to match the Stingray’s other trim parts, including the Hood Insert, Rear Quarter Ports, Diffusers and Fender Inserts. Once fitted it you will wonder why it wasn’t always there.

Easy and clean install

  • Our kit can be installed with NO mods, using the OEM spoiler mounting points
  • No bolts are visible from the rear or side resulting in a clean and fluid look
  • No riv-nuts are required, which in turn means no need for drilling holes or special tools


  • This kit is for the 2014 -15 C7 Corvette Stingray
  • The Z51 Spoiler is needed for the conversion

Product Description on ACS Composite

ACS Stingray Spoiler


ACS Stingray Spoiler

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