New ACS video! C7 Stingray Conversion by ACS

New ACS video! C7 Stingray Conversion by ACS

New ACS video! C7 Corvette Stingray Conversion by ACS Composite

We are delighted to introduce our latest video, which showcases the results of a combination of ACS composite components on a C7 Corvette Stingray. Directly from our Engineering Department to your desktop, using smooth, state of the art software to rotate a 3D model a red Stingray, our video guides you through the various upgrades giving you a fantastic idea of the dramatic improvements that can be achieved by adding some of our OE validated RTM composite components.

The Five1 bumper grill is given the opening spot on the video, which demonstrates the dynamism of design in play and the clever elimination of the distracting horizontal bar. We are then treated to a run through of the various options for front splitter modification, that allow for every driver to best suit their personality or the personality they wish for their car to develop. We have options to augment aerodynamics, drive improvement or the straight up badass factor! As each option fades in and out you can see with your own eyes the results and compare and contrast your favorite options.

After a brief look at the winglet mods, we take to the air to get a view from above to see our hood modification, which offers a sleek design made from highest quality carbon and offering a built in waterfall extractor. As you can see, this really looks the business and carries the flag for a synergy in design and performance to a T. After looking at the rock-chip protecting side rockers and wheels (the wide body conversion) we look at the ultra-smooth Five1 rear spoiler and diffuser rear fins and rear quarter ports, which enhance airflow to their various locations.

The video is a great tool to show you, our customers just how incredible your a few upgrades can be on your C7.

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