The wait is over… ACS Composite is proud to introduce the Aeropack for the 2016 Gen6 Camaro

ACS 2016 Camaro product statement

Here at ACS Composite we ensure that all of our components not only meet stringent standards, but work to achieve a common aerodynamic and stylistic goal in perfect synergy at a great value.

In order to do justice to such a fearsome sports car, a car with our strong history in our car culture, a car that screams bold performance. ACS Composite has taken the time and effort to design and manufacture a stunning range of components that produce unmistakable enhancements for the 2016 Camaro Line.

ACS manufacturing and design

At ACS Composite we align our hawk-eyed optimized design process with OEM data and our trademark manufacturing process using RTM composite material and smooth finishes creating aerodynamic components that find a perfect balance between efficiency, elegance and ease of assembly.

Manufacturing is carried out in North America, using only the finest raw materials, ensuring scrutiny and quality at each stage of the process. All of our aerodynamic components are manufactured using OEM-validated process tested to meet their durability standards and are fully prepped and primed with optional extras such as carbon flash metallic black where applicable.

First Round of Product Releases are:

Gen6 Camaro 2016 SS ACS-T6 Splitter, 48-4-001

Stage2 Winglets for SS, V6 and I4 Splitter, 48-4-009

Stage3 Deflectors for SS Splitter, 48-4-003

Gen6 Camaro 2016 V6 LT LS ACS-T7 Splitter, 48-4-007

Gen 6 Camaro SS, LT, LS 2016 Side Rockers, 48-4-005

 Camaro SS Splitter Rockers

Camaro Aeropack 2016 gen6

Camaro 2016 V6 Splitter Rockers

About ACS Composite

Advanced Composite Specialties (ACS Composite) is an OEM validated composite manufacturer that specializes in RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding). ACS assists its customers in product development, design, engineering, manufacturing, tooling and fabrication. We offer low to high volume composite manufacturing coupled with robotic trimming and bonding, as well as finishing and priming services.

Every ACS product, whether manufactured for the OEM's or for the aftermarket is engineered and validated to meet the stingiest performance and quality standards. With it's in-house design, tooling and manufacturing capabilities ACS is the leader in the performance aero segment.

With nearly 200,000 composite components built for various OEM automotive customers, ACS excels in a market where high quality meets competitive costing; therefore, allowing ACS to apply this knowledge to new applications where composite properties are favorable for achieving lightweight, aero efficient durable components.

ACS Composite


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