NEW MOD: ACS C7 Undertray System

NEW MOD: ACS C7 Undertray System

Upgrade Your Ride: The Ultimate C7 Protection Accessory Has Arrived!

The thrill of the road calls for not just speed but also an unmatched level of protection and aerodynamic perfection. We're excited to introduce the newest addition to our arsenal of C7 Corvette accessories—the premium ACS C7 Z06 Undertray System for ACS Z06 Splitters, designed exclusively for C7 Corvettes outfitted with our Z06 Splitters. This system isn't just another accessory; it's a necessity for any C7 owner looking to enhance their car's performance and durability.

Underneath the C7 Z06 with a C7 Undertray

Our latest innovation is the result of extensive research and development, aimed at providing your Corvette with top-notch protection against road hazards and boosting its aerodynamics for a smoother, more stable ride. Dive into the details below and see why this is the upgrade your Corvette has been waiting for.

Before installing the ACS C7 Z06 Undertray
After installing the C7 ACS Z06 Undertray

Vehicle fitment: Designed for ACS Z06 Splitters

Our Undertray System is perfectly suited for 2014+ Stingray, Grand Sport, and Z06 models equipped with our 45-4-037 Z06 Splitter. If you purchased our Z06 Splitter, then you will be able to purchase just the Undertray and mount it to the splitter. We cover this in the installation video below.

If you do not have our ACS Z06 C7 Splitter, then you can purchase it as an entire package, and perform the install all at once.

ACS C7 Z06 Splitter without an undertray
ACS Z06 Splitter w/o undertray | 45-4-037

It's also compatible with non-ACS aftermarket replica Z06 splitters, ensuring a wide range of C7 models can enjoy enhanced protection and performance. Note: This system WILL NOT FIT OEM Z06 SPLITTERS.

Design and craftsmanship

Inspired by the design of our C8 Corvette Stingray Undertray, we ported over that same bracket mounting system, which provides the splitter with enhanced support and rigidity to support the Undertray.

Additionally, our bracket systems means you do not need to modify your existing setup since it will re-use all the OEM mounting points. No drilling or modifications required!

ACS C7 Undertray Render
C7 Undertray System
ACS C8 Undertray Render
C8 Undertray System

We also carried over our Scrape Guards, which act as a first contact-point on the Undertray. These will wear down as you scrape or bottom out your splitter, and improve the longevity of the Undertray.

The Scrape Guards are serviceable and can be replaced as they are worn out overtime meaning your C7 Undertray's lifespan will never end!

Close-up of the Undertray Scrape Guards
Close-up of the Undertray Scrape Guards
Close-up of the Undertray Scrape Guards
Close-up of the Undertray Scrape Guards

Material and finish

Made from our coveted PC Composite material, the Undertray is everything you want out of a skid protector. It is strong against scrapes, resistant to breaking, and thermally stable.

The C7 Undertray has a dimple-like surface similar to a golf ball giving it superior aerodynamics versus a flat surface.

3/4 underside shot of the ACS C7 Undertray Splitter mounted


Installation is a breeze with our unique bracket system, designed for a perfect fit without the need for modifications. Watch as Joseph walks you through the installation process on his Sebring Orange C7 Z06, demonstrating just how easy it is to upgrade your ride.

Our Undertray System is not just another accessory—it's the key to unlocking the full potential of your Corvette. With its no-fuss installation, and unmatched protection against the elements, it's an essential upgrade for any C7 owner.

Sebring Orange with C7 Z06 with ACS C7 Undertray

Be sure the checkout the ACS C7 Z06 Splitter Undertray product page to buy it directly.

Why you'll love it

  • The best splitter protection
  • Scrape Guards for added protection and longevity
  • Modular design. Buy the splitter, add the undertray later
  • Track-day gains!
  • Made in North America

What's included?

  • Undertray panel
  • Three mounting brackets
  • Scrape Guards
  • Instructions and hardware

Experience the difference for yourself and transform your Corvette into the ultimate driving machine. Share your installation with us and get a chance to be featured as our Build of the Week.

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