ACS C8 Z06 & E-Ray Raffle Results

ACS C8 Z06 & E-Ray Raffle Results

ACS Composite C8 Corvette Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guard Raffle Results

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Welcome to ACS Composite, your premier source for high-quality Corvette accessories. Today, we're excited to share the results of our first-ever raffle, celebrating the release of our highly anticipated C8 Corvette Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guards.

A big thank you to everyone who purchased our C8 Corvette Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guards upon release. We are thrilled to see everyone enjoying the product and are super enthusiastic about it!

We know there was a long lead-up to their release, and we appreciate your patience during that time. As a small thank you, we decided to raffle off a set of the rock guards (i.e., refunding an order) to one lucky customer. This is our first time ever doing something like this, so please let us know if it's something you'd like to see more of in the future.

And the winner is...

We didn't want to just pick a name out of a hat. We wanted to incorporate our C8 Z06 in some fashion, so why not stuff the exhaust, start the car, and see what happens!

Whichever name is blown the furthest away wins! Check out the video below for the full results.

Video Transcript

Hi, it's June 10th, and if you're watching this video, it means you bought one of our new Z06 Rockguards. Hope you're enjoying the car and our parts. We want to thank you for choosing us and trusting us in protecting your car. And what we'll be doing today is finally doing that raffle. So one of you will be our lucky winner and you get a full refund on the Rockguards.

If you've bought the full set, you're looking at a $649 refund coming your way. Or if you bought the front or just the rear, and if you bought multiple sets, because some of you did, you will be getting double entries into our contest. So we're really excited about this. The way we'll be doing this is a little different.

We basically printed unique order infos in our box here. And for example, I'll pick one random here. This is Jack. You are enrolled. And Stephen, you are enrolled. So basically every single one of you is here. We've placed them in one of our boxes. We'll be mixing them.

And we tried to think of a fun way to do this just because we can. And we're going to be heading to the back of the car for this. But before I do that, I did want to keep you guys informed. A lot of you have been asking when our new front splitter is coming out. The good news is we are currently setting up our website for it.

Our tooling is actually complete. So we're probably looking at another month or so before we start seeing parts we could share with you. So a new Z07 style splitter for the Z06 and E-Ray is in the works. It's actually a great piece, a single piece, obviously carbon flash, in PC composite. That'll be a true replacement like the factory three-piecer on it. So stay tuned for that. We'll head to the back and set up our little raffle.

Here we are getting ready for the raffle, and we were trying to figure out a fun way to do this. My favorite part of owning the Z06 is obviously the cold startup. So we figured how could we do a raffle with the Z06 and the startup, and we said simple: We're gonna stuff the four exhaust tips with the entries and cold start it and see how far they go. The furthest entry will be the winner. So, step one will be to actually mix these up.

Hopefully, they don't catch on fire. That would actually make a great video, but no winner, so not good. I'll make sure all of you are there. We're going to set the camera to high speed and actually film this, and hopefully we have a winner.

2, 1, Start it.

So what I'll do is I'm going to take the measuring tape and measure relative to the line. And hopefully we have a replay service available because this is a close one. So we're not moving anything. Okay. And we have this guy at four and seven-eighths. Four and seven-eighths. And this guy is at four.

And the lucky winner for his full refund on the Z06 Rock Guards is Kristof O. So congratulations, we'll be emailing you momentarily. We'll also issue a full refund on your order. So hopefully you bought a full set, and this one's on the house. And you know what? This is such a close one, a quarter inch, that we're gonna make the runner-up also a winner.

So who's this? John B. John B. We're going to be contacting you. And you know what? This was such a close one and such a fun one. You're also getting the free set. So you're getting a full refund on your order. Thank you guys. And stay tuned for that splitter.

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