NEW MOD: ACS 2023+ C8 Corvette Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guards

NEW MOD: ACS 2023+ C8 Corvette Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guards

The best way to protect your 2023+ C8 Corvette Z06 & E-Ray from Rock Chipping

While ceramic coatings and paint protection films (PPFs) are excellent for shielding your Corvette from surface contaminants that degrade paint quality, they fall short in protecting against rock chips and road debris. The most effective safeguard against these threats are well-designed Splash Guards, Mudflaps, or Rock Guards.

Introducing our latest innovation for the C8 Corvette Z06: the ACS C8 Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guards. Tailored specifically for the 2023+ models, these aren't just any run-of-the-mill truck flaps made from inferior materials.

ACS C8 Rock Guards

Our Rock Guards are meticulously formed to the contours of the Corvette, ensuring a seamless integration that echoes the car's inherent design elements. It's as if they were always a part of your vehicle's original aesthetic.

Finished in the signature Corvette Carbon Flash Metallic Black, the ACS Rock Guards enhance the vehicle's overall theme, blending impeccably with the Corvette’s luxurious and aggressive styling.

Vehicle fitment

Our C8 Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guards are designed to fit the following vehicles:

  • 2023+ C8 Corvette Z06 Coupe/HTC
  • 2024+ C8 Corvette E-Ray Coupe/HTC

Design and craftsmanship

Often lumped together under various names — mudflaps, mud guards, splash guards, rock guards — these accessories serve a crucial function: they protect your vehicle's paint from rocks and debris. However, the typical flat, rectangular designs made from simple sheet stock can detract from a vehicle's aesthetic, especially on a car as sleek as a Corvette.

At ACS Composite, we've redefined rock guards not as mere afterthoughts but as integral components of the car. Our ACS C8 Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guards boast a design that harmonizes with the Corvette's contours. The guards taper elegantly towards the fender's top, drawing the eye upward without compromising protection.

Tapered design of ACS Rock Guards

This intelligent design not only blends seamlessly with the vehicle but also widens towards the bottom, ensuring ample protection while maintaining a profile that is flush with the tire — avoiding the bulky "truck-like flap" look.

Wide lower end of ACS Rock Guards

True to ACS Composite's standards, the exposed portions are painted in Carbon Flash Metallic Black, matching the Corvette's exterior trim to create a cohesive look. This meticulous attention to detail extends to the installation process, with guards designed to clip into place at all the OEM mounting points.

Render of the ACS C8 Rock Guards
Each Rock Guard is fitted with factory-like clips for a perfect fit

Our innovation doesn't stop there. For the C8 Z06 & E-Ray models, we've integrated a unique feature: a removable mesh on the Rear Rock Guard. This addresses the issue of rocks sand-blasting the painted interior of the rear bumper's air vents — a common problem that isn't adequately addressed by other aftermarket or OEM solutions.

Rear view of ACS C8 Corvette Z06 Rear Rock Guards in Carbon Flash Black
Rear view of the ACS C8 Corvette Z06 Rear Rock Guards in Carbon Flash Black
Exposed mesh of ACS C8 Z06 Rock Guards
Rear view of the ACS C8 Z06 Rock Guards' exposed mesh

Material and finish

The ACS Composite C8 Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guards are constructed from a proprietary PC Composite material, which is three times stronger than the traditional ABS material used in most aftermarket parts.

Durable PC Composite material

This robust construction ensures that your parts will withstand the harshest elements, safeguarding your mid-engine Corvette's sleek appearance. The exposed surfaces are coated in an elegant Carbon Flash Metallic Black finish, harmonizing with every external trim component on your C8, from the front grille to the rear diffuser.

Discover more about our exclusive Carbon Flash Metallic finish and its applications across our product lines in our detailed blog post on CFZ.

Installation Overview

Protecting your Chevrolet Corvette C8 Z06 or E-Ray doesn't require professional installation like Paint Protection Film (PPF) or ceramic coatings do, which can be costly and time-consuming. You can install ACS C8 Z06 Rock Guards in less than an hour right at home, using simple tools and following straightforward steps.

Front Rock Guards

  1. Prepare the Area: Before starting, turn the steering wheel to expose the wheel well area where you'll be working.
  2. Remove Existing Trim:
    1. Locate and remove the 7 mm bolt found directly underneath the wheel well using a socket wrench. Keep this bolt for reinstallation.
    2. Carefully pry off the existing bezel using a trim removal tool. You can find our trim tool as option within the product, or you can purchase it here.
    3. You now have a good opportunity to clean this area before installing the ACS Z06/E-Ray Rock Guard. We suggest using our ReNew product which works great on wheel liners and rubber trim.
  3. Install the ACS C8 Rock Guard:
    1. Take the new ACS C8 Z06 Rock Guard and align it with the mounting slots and the tab slot.
    2. Firmly press the guard into place until it snaps securely.
    3. Reattach the 7 mm bolt to secure the rock guard.

Rear Rock Guards

  1. Accessing the Area: While removing the rear wheel offers easier access to the installation area, it's not necessary. If you choose to keep the wheel on, you may need to slightly lift the vehicle for better access.
  2. Remove Existing Components:
    1. Start by removing the 7 mm bolt from beneath the guard. Keep this bolt for reinstallation.
    2. Remove the two T15 screws from the inside surface of the wheel well trim panel. Use a small ratchet if the wheel is not removed. Keep these screws for reinstallation.
    3. Use the trim tool to gently pry out the existing bezel.
    4. The rear trim has a tunnel feature requiring more force. Rotate and maneuver the bezel as needed to free it from the wheel well.
    5. Clean the surface area with ReNew.
  3. Install the ACS Rear Rock Guard:
    1. Position the ACS Rock Guard starting from the top of the wheel well where the bezel was removed.
    2. Carefully lower the guard into place, ensuring alignment with the hole placements.
    3. Press firmly to clip the guard securely into the mounting points.
    4. Replace the the two T15 screws.
    5. Replace the 7 mm bolt

Installation video

Seeing is believing--Watch Joseph install our newest product on this Hypersonic Gray Metallic C8 Z06 HTC:


Why you'll love the ACS C8 Z06 & E-Ray Rock Guards

  • Rear mesh integrated on the rear Rock Guard
  • Easy OEM-like installation
  • Painted in Carbon Flash Metallic Black
  • Includes a set of four
  • Each guard is fitted with a clip. No need to transfer them over and risk damaging the clip
  • 100% Made in North America
  • Protect your investment from costly paint damages

We can't wait to see how this part let's you drive with confidence knowing ACS is protecting your Corvette! Share your installation with us, and perhaps, see your Corvette featured as our Build of the Week.

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