S3 SS-Zl1 Deflectors

Description SKU 48-4-035 PRM
Splitter Surface Finish
$349.00 USD

The Stage 3 Deflectors are the most aero-efficient of the ACS deflectors. They will work with the Zl1-SS front splitter. They are larger than the Stage 2 deflectors and therefore create a menacing look to the Camaro's front end. 

The larger S3 Deflectors are designed to improve frontal downforce while pressurizing air to release a stream of cool air to help cool off the front braking system.

What are the point of deflectors? And, are they necessary?

Deflectors are optional on splitters, but they do help direct the airflow from the front to the brakes. This will help cooling of the brakes, as well as reduce the amount of debris buildup around the calipers. It is a great addition to our splitters, and not to mention they provide an aggressive appearance to the front end!

What is the difference between Primer & Gloss Black?

Primer is an unpainted surface and is an undercoating that is meant to be final sanded prior to paint. There are no UV stabilizers in the primer. Therefore, if installed as is, then overtime the sun will cause the primer to fade and deteriorate. Gloss black is your typical high shine black paint.

Shipping Dimensions: 23x9x4" 5lbs.