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The ACS Gen6 Side Rockers

Improve the lateral airflow of your 6th Generation Camaro while protecting the side bodywork from rock chipping. These side rockers are compatible with our complete Gen6 splitter lineup. They are manufactured in ACS' proprietary OEM validated RTM composite process.

The rocker panel is vital in protecting the side bodywork from erosion due to the sticky front performance tires. While the tires enhance handling, they will compromise the paint finish of your car via rock chipping and other road debris. The ACS Gen6 Side Rocker is our solution to this problem.  
  • Enhances the aerodynamic properties by reducing air resistance during higher speeds. 
  • Does not lower the ride height of the vehicle. 
  • Protection against rock chipping and other road debris that may harm the side body paintwork.
  • Increased under-carriage surface; the nonvisible portion of the car is doubled to fully cover the body colored rocker of your car.
  • The underside of rocker coated with a bed liner type material for a clean and durable undercarriage for years to come. 
  • Quick install. Rockers install over existing rocker panel in under 30 minutes per side. See video below:
Package Contents:
  • Rocker Panel - Driver Side
  • Rocker Panel - Passenger Side
  • 18 Aluminium Black Split Rivets 
  • Instructions

Available Finishes on Sale 

  • Mosaic Black with undercoating paint on the inner surface
What material are the Gen6 side skirts made of?

The Gen6 side rockers are made in RTM Composite. ACS specializes in this type of manufacturing technique. It is a blend of polyester resins and strands of fiber that is put through heated high compression molds. The result is a highly rigid and durable body panel--Optimal for aerodynamic performance and ground effect kits.

How well will this fit on my 2016+ Camaro? Do I need to modify the product or my car to get this to fit?

All our products are designed using only GM OEM data. This means that the side rockers were digitally designed based on specifications of the 2016+ Camaro. This type of fit would not be achievable by hand-modelling. Additionally, you will not have to modify the product or your car to get this to fit. The only thing needed is to drill the required holes on the underside of the car.

Do I need to drill holes into the car? Can I use two-way tape instead?

Yes. Holes will need to be drilled into the bottom of the rocker panel (holes are pre-drilled on the side skirts to make the procedure easy for you). The use of two-way tape is not recommended, and we advise you to not use it as the down-force generated from driving will likely rip the rockers off from the tape.

What is the difference between Primer, Mosaic, and Gloss Black?

Primer is an unpainted surface and is an undercoating that is meant to be final sanded prior to paint. There are no UV stabilizers in the primer. Therefore, if installed as is, then overtime the sun will cause the primer to fade and deteriorate. Mosaic Black is a blend of a high shine black with a silver metallic flake in the paint. It is a great option for thos wanting their ground effect kits to pop. Gloss black is simply your typical high shine black paint.

What type of hardware secures this product in place?

Nearly all ACS Composite products install via rivets. When a rivet is secured in place it creates a mushroom effect through the hole--Similar to placing an umbrella through an equally-sized hole and opening the umbrella. This is great for securing panels in place. You can find a handheld rivet gun here.

  • Camaro SS 2016-2018
  • Camaro V6 2016-2018
  • Camaro I4 2016-2018
Shipping Dimension: 88x9x6" 10 lbs.

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