Gen6 Camaro LED Conversion Kit

Description SKU 48-4-079 48-4-083 48-4-089
$699.00 USD $849.00 USD

The Gen6 Camaro LED upgrade kit it is a complete conversion to convert the Camaro lighting system.

Kit includes

You'll have everyone at the show staring at your Camaro!

1. Rear license plate led lights Pn 48-4-089

Rear replacement license plate LED, a replacement lighting system to brighten up your license plate to a clean crisp LED light. 

2. Darkened taillight set Pn 48-4-079

A must-have upgrade for a Camaro sixth generation owners. The smoked taillights are the perfect beginner modification to undertake. It enhances and separates your Camaro from the rest of the field. When brakes are engaged the taillights are brilliantly bright, but when disengaged the lights appear dark and stealth-like--The perfect menacing rear-end.

3. ZL1-1LE Smoked Third Brake Light  Pn 48-4-083

The ZL1-1LE smoked 3rd tail light (Positioned in the center of the trunk) is one piece of the puzzle in creating an aggressive rear end look. Installation is as easy as pulling out the existing light and snapping into place the ZL1-1LE 3rd brake light. 

4.  Just for Fun,  an ACS T Shirt

Midnight Blue ACS-C7



    • Camaro SS 2016-2018
    • Camaro I4/V6 2016-2018
    Shipping Dimensions:26x18x13" 10lbs.