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1LE Front Lip Splitter

Description SKU [48-4-019]GBA
Surface Finish
$599.00 USD

Race Inspired:

Add the aggressive race inspired styling of the Gen6 1LE Splitter to your Camaro SS.

Fully Functional:

The 1LE front splitter is designed to direct the air under and around the car to reduce drag and front end lift. Thus, air is efficiently forced through the entire cooling system. 

OEM Quality:

This splitter is featured as original standard equipment on the 2017 1LE and is made of the highest quality materials. Manufactured in ABS plastic and top coated in a Gloss Black Finish, this is a perfect add on to any Gen6 Camaro SS.

Rocker option

Add a set of rockers for a bundle deal, options are

T6 Side Rockers 48-4-005  or

Zl1-SS Rockers 48-4-039

How does the 1LE splitter install? Do I need to drill holes?

The 1LE splitter installs via a series of rivets and a strip of two-way tape along the top edge of the splitter. Yes, you will need to drill the required holes to secure the splitter via rivets.

What type of hardware secures this product in place?

Nearly all ACS Composite products install via rivets. When a rivet is secured in place it creates a mushroom effect through the hole--Similar to place an umbrella through an equally-sized hole and opening the umbrella. This is great for securing panels in place. You can find a handheld rivet gun here.

Will this splitter fit on my 2016+ V6 Camaro?

No. You will need the different version that fits the V6. That can be found here.

Camaro SS 2016-2018
Shipping Dimension: Splitter 76x6x26" 15lbs.

Gloss Black:

Gloss Black (GBA) is your standard high shine black paint finish. Gloss Black is the go-to finish for ground effects and accessories as it will highlight the components against your colored car.  pop.

Mosaic Black:

Mosaic Black is a blend of a high shine black with a silver metallic flake in the paint. It is great if you are trying to make your ground effects pop.