T3 Front Bumper Side Ports (For Camaro SS Only, V8)

Description SKU 33-4-055 PRM
$179.00 USD

The ACS-T3 Front bumper side ports are installed in the frontside of the bumper's wheel well, which give the fascia of your SS a sleek, sporty look. May also be installed with the ACS-T3 Bumper ports (33-4-039).

 Another innovative ACS product in which the port is installed without the use of any adhesive or 2-way tape. The side port components are manufactured in an OEM injection moulded ABS plastic. The component comes in black and can be painted to color match. T3 compoents are designed to fit Camaro SS V8 fascias. The kit includes:

  • Driver and passenger side intake ports
  • Inner mounting brackets
  • Plastic grill mesh
  • Templates and instructions

ACS recommends a qualified body shop perform the install; however, a self-install is possible with tools such as a dremel or router. Simply trim the bumper, slide in the port via the back side and install using the mounting bracket by reusing the wheel well fasteners.

    • Camaro 2010-2013 V8 SS
    Shipping Dimensions: 29x9x4" 5lbs.

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